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  1. Well look at the stats from last night's Greeneville game track. We don't have no high horse to exactly ride on right now. Regardless who Boone put 70 up on. I know that they're alot better football team than Elizabethton right now on both sides of the ball.
  2. What's everyone's assessment on the cyclone so far this season? I thought the line has struggled the last 2 games and as far as tonight game goes our secondary looked rather suspect.
  3. I have heard their could possibly be an on going investigation through the school to see if a coach was behind any part of the hit that took place. Not saying it's true but just what I have heard from a few that is tied with the school.
  4. Beating Elizabethton was Science Hills Superbowl on Friday night. This Science Hill team will have at least 5 losses by the end of the season. Maryville,DB,Anderson County,Powell and dark horse Daniel Boone could give them a run for the money just for the fact their run defense is really tough and Science Hill can't throw the football.
  5. It's the rest of the game you was ejected in plus the following game. The administration can extend the length of games but doubtful that will happen.
  6. Going to go out on a limb and say Elizabethton 14 Greeneville 42. Elizabethton needs to figure out their identity offensively over the bye week. Offensively I'm not so sure they wouldn't be more productive using Cade Russell at QB like they did Rollins. Regardless the line has got to be better on both sides of the ball or they will get eaten alive in this next two or three game stretch they have coming up.
  7. The Boone game is going to be a lot closer than most people think. I could see Elizabethton losing 4 games.
  8. My opinion with as malicious as the hit was he should at least be suspended 5 games.
  9. I wonder if Stacy Carter or Keith Turner has even reached out to the Elizabethton administration to check on the player ? And I'm sure there will be no discipline on their side of town for Hensley.
  10. Happy Valley High just hired former Science Hill and Tennessee standout in the early 90s Shane Williams as their head coach. Big hire for them.
  11. John Higgins named head boys basketball coach @ Science Hill.
  12. What happened to Brookes? He hadn't been there that long?
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