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  1. Rockvale has made tremendous progress. They are not yet ready for this though.
  2. No dog in this, but the Rankin retirement rumors come up every year. IMO, if he were going to do the private thing, he had a golden opportunity to get the Knoxville Catholic job (Rankin is Roman Catholic) a few years back and turned it down. He wouldn’t even have had to move. As for the SP mess, I was a part of two different programs where the HC resigned one week prior to the start of fall practice. It’s not an easy road to go down.
  3. True about games played at MTSU. When Blackman was getting ready to come online the stadium couldn’t juggle 3 teams (even though in Georgia 3 teams share Callaway Stadium in LaGrange, lots of Thursday night and Saturday night games) so they built each school their own stadium. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Father Ryan play their home games at Vanderbilt for years?
  4. First off, congrats to Jeff Co. for breaking their losing streak in a big way Friday. During my time in Tennessee, Jeff Co. was a powerhouse. No dog in this, but it sounds as if WB needs a big performance in the worst kind of way.
  5. I will say there can be an occasional exception to what I just said. Here in NW Georgia, there used to be one school who refused to use the local officials association for their home games. They brought in officials from the Atlanta association. You could count on getting hosed there, because the association wanted to keep them as ‘customers.’ I won’t name the school because the former longtime head coach is a good friend of mine.
  6. Off-topic: But as someone who used to be connected to the Rhea Co. program, I would like to point out a couple of inconvenient truths, if I may; First off, you do realize don’t you that there is no such thing as a “Rhea Co. official”? Officiating crews are assigned different games each week. It would be unusual to see the same crew at your stadium twice in a season, and practically unheard of to see them more than twice. Secondly, back in the day of newspapers (remember those?) you could pick one up any Saturday morning and view the box score from the Rhea Co. game. By penalties a typical week would say: opponent 6-45 yards Rhea 13-140 yards. That was true whether the game was home or away.
  7. Actually ‘95, we only played Rhea Co. your Freshman year. We did scrimmage them at McMinn a week before we opened at Hixson (and won 70-0) your Sophomore year. Rhea went 5A and we were 4A. We did play McMinn every year because Benny and John were best friends.
  8. Also, Brentwood had a late coaching change, although they did promote from within.
  9. Regular season: Mo West in 2001. State final: Ravenwood in 2015. Non-semi year: 1999.
  10. Valid points I suppose. At Cleveland in the late 80’s and early 90’s we played more 9 game schedules than we did 10. Oh, one of the then lowly Hamilton Co. teams would have played us, just to get the gate, but Coach Monroe would rather have the extra week off. Our great 1993 team would’ve only played 9 if Dickson Co., then just a few years removed from a state title, hadn’t come through at the last minute.
  11. By the way guys, the last time Maryville lost a regular season game to a team not named Oakland or Alcoa, Morristown West in 2001???
  12. This is the type of game that Maryville has thrived on through the years. Maryville by 28.
  13. I’ll accept that. Good luck this year.
  14. I’ve preached this same thing in Georgia for years Mr. Barney. Do you know of any state that does things different?
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