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  1. It was 2000 that y’all are thinking about, not 2001. That year Maryville only lost to Morristown West in the regular season. A loss that they avenged in the playoffs.
  2. Please forgive me if this has already been reported on here, but I saw on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution where former Lake Co., Ripley and Sycamore head football coach Al Pellegrino passed away from a heart attack last week while vacationing in Florida at the age of 56. He was currently serving as head coach at Shaw High School in Columbus, Ga.
  3. (Sorry for the delayed response) No, sir. I had moved back to Georgia by then. I did, and still do, follow Tennessee high school football, probably more than Georgia. I did get an in depth report from a couple of friends who were in attendance.
  4. I don’t know if it’s still done this way, but compare that with Texas. There every football coach on the staff used to have a substitute teacher everyday of spring practice so they could focus 100% on football. There was a move in the mid 80’s to get rid of spring practice in Georgia (it was an offshoot of the Jan Kemp scandal at UGA and the perceived overemphasis on athletics.) They ended up with a compromise that trimmed spring from 3 weeks down to 2.
  5. Many moons ago, before Tennessee had an official mercy rule, a program I was with was playing their arch rivals. We were up 54-0 at halftime. Our HC on the walk to the locker room ask the rival coach “Coach, do want to play with a running clock in the 2nd half?” The coach replied “No, you S.O.B. I don’t want a running clock!” Our coach didn’t respond, he just opened our locker room door, spotted the OC, and said “Coach, keep the 1’s in and pour it on ‘em!” When it got to 75-0 he decided to call the dogs off. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I have always felt that when a lead reaches 50 points, the game should be ended.
  6. Prayers and support from Georgia.
  7. In fact, the last time I was at Cleveland High was the year they hosted Maryville in Round 3 of the 4A playoffs about 20 years ago when Leon Brown was HC. My team was out of the playoffs so I went and set in the stands.
  8. Thanks, but I’m long, long gone from Cleveland. Had 3 more stops in my home state of Georgia, and am now retired, even though I still help a program on a part-time basis. I remember that sign “54 and no more!” Our last loss was Round 2 of the 1992 three class playoff system vs. Riverdale. My personal view is that the 1990’s Cleveland will never be back. They could perhaps match the 1980’s Cleveland teams.
  9. We played Shelbyville twice during our run. Both in Round 3, both at home. ‘93 was over before it started. ‘95 should have been a closer game but the team lost their composure over what I admit was probably a bad call early in the 2nd qtr. A quick whistle on an in the grasp call gave Cleveland a safety. The Shelbyville coach lost his mind, and the wheels came off for his team.
  10. …..And yes, I acknowledge that being every team’s Super Bowl is a problem that a lot of programs would give anything to have.
  11. No excuses. You all were the better team and beat us decisively, but that entire 1996 season was a trying one for us at Cleveland. Coach Monroe seemed from day one to regret his decision not to retire after the previous season (he had been eligible to retire since after the ‘93 season, and did retire after ‘96.) Unless you have ever been the Super Bowl vs. every team that you face, you can’t imagine how it finally wears you down. The fact that we were nationally ranked only added to the pressure. I felt that we peaked that season around Week 7 in a game at McCallie in Chattanooga that we won 49-7. At the time, it was the worst home loss ever for McCallie. I remember saying to another coach as we walked out of the stadium “I hope that we didn’t just see our team peak.” Unfortunately, we had. The next weeks brought one injury on top of the other, plus the fatigue factor. The regular season finale was played in a pour down at Chattanooga Central. Coach set most of the starters to try and avoid turned ankles on that quagmire of a field. We had to fight to pull out the win and preserve The Streak. Good luck to the Mavs this fall.
  12. I’ll tell you a good story about that game. The week prior we were hosting Greenville in Round 2. About 5 minutes before kickoff Mrs. Jane Monroe, wife of Cleveland Head Coach Benny Monroe, who did Benny’s stats, looked around to make sure no one else could hear and leaned over to me and said the following: “Benny says that we don’t have anything to worry about tonight. But, he is certain that Anderson Co. is going to beat Shellbyville tonight (most bets were on Shellbyville) and THAT is where this thing (the winning streak) ends next week!” He proved prophetic.
  13. I don’t know a lot about Anderson Co. What I do know is that they immediately became relevant in 1993 when Coach Larry Kerr moved over from Knox Halls. Coach Monroe dreaded playing them that year, even with the great team that we had at Cleveland. In 1996, they beat us like a red-headed step child at their place in Round 3 to end our nation’s longest winning streak. Much respect for them.
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