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  1. Just hoping and praying they don't ruin sports by consolidating into one school ive heard all types of suggestions. I think I even seen a mcminn central middle school. They are trying to get rid of all the k-8 schools in the county. I personally would prefer that don't think k-2 or 3rd-5th belong with 6th -8th grade
  2. Awfully close to when my dad graduated! My Dad's a few years older than that though. We're actually riding up to Nashville for today and tommorow. If your cool with sharing who you're buddies were I'd love to ask if he possibly knew them
  3. Then they Pondered around about building a 3rd city high school and I'd be all for that could see an athens city high school being in 3a
  4. I feel the same smaller communities represent something that bugger consolidated schools cannot. I know for awhile in mcminn county they were talking about consolidating into one high school it'd have anyways from 2100-2300 depending on class sizes couldn't imagine the best ride from my childhood home near the moco border between etowah and tellico to Athens. Not only that I feel like you just become another number. I know I felt like more or an individual/ known person at mcminn central then I ever did at mcminn county. But I'll always be a Cherokee
  5. Between the cat and the lower man comment I'm rolling.
  6. Excited to see how good they'll be. Is Eagleton a charter school? College and career academy
  7. Any idea when they'll start playing football and what classification they'll be in im guessing they'll be playing 2a ball
  8. The only private school is Brentwood academy I can think of off the top of my head. I'd be surprised if all wilco schools don't have turf they ought to be able to afford lol
  9. Williamson County is also one of the richest counties in the state by quite a bit, having more wealth doesn't make you the better team, Rutherford county football is alot stronger
  10. The second route is the true way to get to the smokies they have a new road that just opened that goes through the mountains north of heritage high school was cool to see a new back way there
  11. My question to the private school guys are if Chattanooga grace is going 8 man then what will come of the games they scheduled for 11 man footbal for the coming 2 years?Will they be forced to pay the others schools and forfeit or what?
  12. 1st bradley 2nd mcminn 3rd Cleveland 4th walker valley 5th rhea County. 6th Howard
  13. Exactly don't really see how it is "bias " when only Cookeville and chatt applied. Chattanooga is a far better venue, it might mean more travel but it gives those boys a chance to see somewhere they may have never went. My dad's first time to murphreesboro was for sports back in the day. id still make make trip to Nashville if they held it there and I live in Cleveland. I wouldn't complain because ite chance to learn about your whole state. Instead of just being a western,middle, and eastern Tennesseean
  14. It's about time south eastern Tennessee gets to host the championships. So excited for a new venue!
  15. Little of topic but I think Christian brothers in Memphis has had a football team the longest. Since on the Alabama high school football database where they have been playing since 1891 or 92. Hard to believe. I cant really imagine what football was like much passed the 1950s
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