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  1. Great game played by both teams. It all came down to who got a stop, just so happened that Westview got a stop before the half and got the ball first in the 2nd, kinda over after a quick score and another stop. I too was impressed with Anderson, I really don’t think he ever came off the field, offense, defense, returned punts and kickoffs. Martin’s radio station said he was the 1st 1000 yard receiver for a year ever at Westview and that he was in 10th place all time in Tennessee for receiving TDs in a season with 18. Good luck to them next weekend, may have to sign up for the NFHS racket to watch that one.
  2. What options does the concession stand have?? Good food? I would just assume give my money to the school and team if I can get a belly full there.
  3. Are there bleachers on both sides of the stadium? I thought about making the trip, I looked at an aerial view and it doesn’t look like there are. Just wondering.
  4. I just don’t see Lake county being that much better than McKenzie. I’ve seen them both and McKenzie. McKenzie gets the win in this one, Peabody has been playing uninspired since the kickoff against Huntingdon, or before but the lack of competition in their region didn’t reveal the lackluster performance.
  5. I made the trip over to check this game out. Very good football game all the way around. #2 for MAHS is definitely an athlete but Simpson is better. MAHS couldn’t move the ball on the ground and cost themselves nearly every time they threw it. Way too many athletes in the Westview secondary, which basically looked like their wide receiver corps. I did notice that the visitors stands had very few MAHS fans, cheerleaders, and people wearing Huntingdon stuff….lol
  6. If this game is close it could come down to the kickers and Trenton has a solid one. I watched Huntingdon warm up and I swear there were at least 5 different kids practicing PATs, and most of them looked like linemen. I will say that they didn't miss any during the game but they weren't pretty to say the least. I couldn't believe any of them split the uprights.
  7. I made the trip to Martin to watch the game and some of the pregame posts are spot on. 1. Huntingdon plays hard and very physical. 2. Their DBs couldn’t guard #12 and #17 in a phone booth. Neither stood out just by looks but they were open all night. 3. Simpson can play. It seemed like the Mustangs conceded early though. Only down 12 with 8 minutes to go and still running the QB to the sideline to get the play, play clock in single digits every snap. Pretty sure they took several timeouts home with them also.
  8. I’m not sure about these teams but the transfer portal and extra eligibility because of Covid has really hurt 2022 and 2023 kids. It will probably take several years for things to settle down. Seems like every FCS school has multiple power 5 transfers now, makes it hard on a 17-18 year old high school kid to get a roster spot.
  9. If a bunch of softies made Camden cough it up 7 or 8 times in two quarters, since that’s all they played, those hard nose Mustangs will make them put it on the ground 14-16 times in a half.
  10. Oh I know it has worked but kids just don't want to play that kind of football. Do you think Peabody would have all of those skill guys if they knew they would line up at WR and run dummy routes for 4 quarters? #22 for UC is a good looking athlete and he basically did exactly that last night. Seems like it would be hard to get a kid like that to commit to the offseason grind at UC when he could just go to an airconditioned gym and play basketball in the summer.
  11. Do you think that type of offense has anything to do with low numbers at UC? I know it wins games but is it keeping some athletes from playing football? The spread is so much more enticing to skill type kids. You really need all of the athletes in a school the size of UC to play multiple sports.
  12. UC gambled and deferred after winning the toss which looked like a good decision for a quarter. They sold out on stopping the passing game and couldn’t stop the run to save their lives! Simpson may have had 5 completions for 50 yards but they still scored at will. Zero pass attempts by UC so Chargers just bowed up and stopped the veer all night.
  13. I’m pretty sure Camden ran the spread most of that game. Sounded like very little of McConell’s single wing / wing T / triple option / veer offense he runs when he doesn’t have the personnel to run his tempo spread he is so good at. Obviously Camden isn’t as good as UC but Westview does seem to be playing pretty good defense.
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