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  1. Gavin Gordon is the new coach at Hickman County.
  2. I saw where Coach Stanley has taken the Clarksville Northwest boys head coach job.
  3. Has it been determined where this tournament will be played?
  4. Sorry, thought I was on the girls basketball page. My bad!!
  5. District 11, I am going with 1. Stewart Co. 2.Camden 3. Hickman Co. 4. East Hickman 5. Waverly.
  6. Matthew Dotson is the coach.
  7. I think Creekwood starts 3 seniors and maybe 2 sophomores or a junior and sophomore.I think they are 2 or 3 deep coming off the bench.
  8. Yeah, the district will look a little different next year. I think we lose Creekwood, Fairview,and Lewis Co. The regionals will be alot different too.
  9. You are exactly right, anything can happen. Wishing Creekwood and Stewart Co. good luck against region 5 AA.
  10. Yeah, congrats to both teams they represented 11AA very well. Creekwood beat Stewart Co. both times during the regular season,but you never know which direction the ball will bounce come tournament time. I think their opponents in substate will be Maplewood and East Nashville.
  11. This may be the year that 11aa can win the region and finally get to a substate game. It doesn't appear 12aa has a really dominant team this year. I think Nolensville beat Fairview twice this year and that was early in the season, and I do think Fairview has improved (they won the district). Creekwood like any team if they are hitting their 3's can put a lot of points on the board as can Stewart Co. East Hickman and Fairview usually score around 40 points a game. I don't know much about 12aa the only team I saw play was Marshall Co. I agree with you just looking at some of the scores it appears they struggle with their offense sometimes. I think the winner and runner up plays region 5 in the substate games which is teams like Westmoreland and teams out of Nashville.
  12. I think Hickman Co. and Marshall Co. split during the regular season. I saw Fairview, Lewis Co., and Stewart Co. play against Hickman Co. and they were close games. I think the regionals should be pretty good games.
  13. There is a three way tie for third place, Lewis Co. swept Hickman Co., Hickman Co. swept Stewart Co. and Stewart Co. swept Lewis Co. during the season. Can someone tell me what the tiebreaker is? Thanks!
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