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  1. McKenzie by two TD’s next week and they will be the favorites to win it in 2022 also.
  2. How would you compare Fairley to Huntingdon and Westview?
  3. Yes sir we can agree to disagree. I’m thinking well beyond just championships.
  4. I’m talking about historical programs and yes Huntingdon has a very rich history
  5. Good topic Huntingdon would be 2 behind Milan
  6. McKenzie is the real deal but I would be concerned if I were a rebels fan just because of the weak schedule they have played. I believe Mckenzie is better than Fayetteville but I give the nod to Trenton against the rebels.
  7. An interesting early season matchup is Summertown at Huntingdon on nov. 20th.
  8. I don’t know I still think Trenton is better than McKenzie. I think this mustang team beats mckenzie right now. This mustang team has improved as much as any time in a season as I have seen in a while. Great job by the coaching staff this season. This team has great chemistry and leadership! Hats off to Trenton on an amazing winning streak!
  9. You may be right but this mustang team has made huge improvements since week 1 vs McKenzie. It sounds like westview is a huge favorite tonight but anyone that believes the mustangs will get blown out isn’t being realistic. It’s gonna be a good one!
  10. Now that score would shock me. Don’t see a more than 2 TD margin either way.
  11. I will guess Westview 35-20 but will not be shocked if Huntingdon wins.
  12. Memphis Academy lost to 5A Brighton 38-34. I believe they could possibly be a 2nd round opponent for Huntingdon. I believe Memphis Fairley is 6-0 also but not sure about who all they have played.
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