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  1. What about summit? Would Alcoa be able to hang with them?
  2. Prayers for everyone. The good lord was with us last night the tornado just about completely missed Martin and we mostly still had power. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected
  3. I’m a Westview alumni, classes are not as big as they was when I was in school. Kids parents leave town to go to other cities. Enrollment as the years have gone on has gone down it’s just not as many kids in Martin schools as it was before. A lot of people over the years have graduated Martin and left which means less kids in the long run actually in school here. There are a lot of kids being homeschooled now in this area as a lot of kids parents are well off financially and rather have their kids educated privately. Only reason they not in private school as it is too far away from Martin to drive every day. Justin Harrell lives in humboldt his kids will go to private schools in Jackson more than likely. It is some sort of private school here for very small children but I don’t know enough about it to speak on. Huntingdon, MAHS, and Riverside were all very good. We knew we had to face at least 2/3 of them and that we did. The chips just fell our way this season. Not to mention huntingdon nearly beat MAHS IN MEMPHIS. So let that say how good they were it was like 8-7. Riverside was good they just didn’t have the offense to keep up. We were just a bad matchup for huntingdon but they hung in there with us then turned around and beat Trenton. We got knocked down into 2A due to enrollment numbers. Westview has been 2a before some people don’t know that but they have. We were when I was there my freshman year then moved up and down again. Yes every player on Westview team is from Martin cause I was in school with their older siblings and know some of their parents. I hate this was so long but I promise you we are legit. So is Huntingdon and riverside.
  4. We wouldn’t beat them, I think we’d score some but they’d come out on top. We just gonna stay in our lane lol
  5. You are Correct. most of our defense will be back next season. We have a huge running back coming from the middle school next season with some underclassmen coming in. Supposedly we supposed to have another good quarterback next season not named graham Simpson but our offense will see the biggest change our defense not so much. Our biggest playmakers on that side of the ball will mostly be back
  6. I stayed after my team won to see Oakland and they are BIGTIME! Summit is no slouch either! I needed to see a game like that after the one I watched before it!
  7. Hats off to Hampton on a great season and shoutout to my chargers on the gold ball! My god bless you all with safety traveling home!
  8. Westview left at 8am. Prayers for a safe trip for everyone!
  9. I hope they don’t try to make us leave the stadium when the team we initially came to watch game is over
  10. My team plays before this game but I heard Oakland is bigtime I may just stay and watch!
  11. I know this is off topic, but is there anywhere I can watch this game I wasn’t there but I was just as interested
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