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  1. Cascade coach was interviewed by the Friday Main Event crew a few weeks ago. A few tidbits: Cascade will only have 5 seniors. Big shoes for the new QB to fill after Seth Countess' graduation. They expect to have one of the top place kickers in the state next year. No Region 5 football coaching positions are posted on TSSAA so the staffs should be set for summer workouts. Forrest's Defensive coordinator left the school. Anyone know who the new guy will be? Did a QB step up this spring? How did the new head coaches at Summertown and Mt Pleasant look this spring? Can we expect any new looks in 2021? Does anyone know anything about Richland? Did Loretto show improvement in both the coach and QBs 2nd season?
  2. Good show! Them Lynchburg boosters need to put a cell phone tower at that coach's house. Was his reception really that bad or did he not want to give out any team secrets? We have to wait for that Murphy man's book now. ha
  3. Absolutely it hurts the teams. In theory a team with a great coach and organization could have been in the weight room and doing speed training for two years. In reality with no guidance many kids may have gotten into other things with virtual school and no team structure. Most R8 kids will not have participated in football activities since November of 2019. We were worried about last year's teams missing spring 2020 and not having preseason scrimmages. (BTW, will someone tell TSSAA it's completely safe for kids to scrimmage other teams outdoors.)
  4. Maryville's success says more about the reliability of recruiting grades than the talent on either team. Too many times the number of stars is based on potential based on height/ weight instead of football ability. There was no talent deficiency on those teams like there is right now with the Oakland bunch. McConnell had great success when he had a exceptional QB, RB, and WR on the same team. One season he had great defensive players and he fielded a great defense. He hasn't been able to duplicate it yet at his other 2 stops running the same schemes. When the talent gap closes his winning percentage will go back up. Too many times especially in 1A or 2A I've seen a coach make a deep playoff run with an exceptional class and then do nothing when he gets promoted to a bigger job or he stays and can't reload.
  5. That region may have 3 or 4 of the top five teams in 2A west.
  6. Average coaching with great kids usually beats great coaching with average kids except in the movies. With the top teams dropping to 1A, 2A especially the West, is wide open for a change.
  7. Very little discussion this offseason on the 2A teams out west. There has been much discussion on the teams in the East. So who is the favorite to make a run out of the west and make it to Chattanooga? Region 5: Watered down after Lewis Co and Eagleville departed. Forrest or Summertown could be sleepers. Region 6: Lewis Co/ Riverside winner should be favored. Can Adamsville make a run? Region 7: Huntingdon and Westview are getting all the hype. Union City returns to greatness? Region 8: Who knows what's coming out of Memphis this season. Region 5 Cascade High School (Bell Buckle, TN) Forrest High School (Chapel Hill, TN) Loretto High School (Loretto, TN) Mt. Pleasant High School (Mt. Pleasant, TN) Richland High School (Lynnville, TN) Summertown High School (Summertown, TN) Region 6 Adamsville High School (Adamsville, TN) Decatur Co. Riverside High School (Decaturville, TN) East Hickman High School (Lyles, TN) Hickman Co. High School (Centerville, TN) Lewis Co. High School (Hohenwald, TN) Scotts Hill High School (Reagan, TN) Region 7 Camden Central High School (Camden, TN) Gibson Co. High School (Dyer, TN) Houston Co. High School (Erin, TN) Huntingdon High School (Huntingdon, TN) Union City High School (Union City, TN) Westview High School (Martin, TN) Region 8 Fairley High School (Memphis, TN) Freedom Preparatory Academy (Memphis, TN) Hillcrest High School (Memphis, TN) KIPP Memphis Collegiate School (Memphis, TN) Manassas High School (Memphis, TN) Martin Luther King, Jr. Preparatory High School (Memphis, TN) Memphis Academy of Health Sciences (Memphis, TN) Mitchell High School (Memphis, TN) Oakhaven High School (Memphis, TN)
  8. Will this be available online to listen to at a later time? Ready to talk football but not much to talk about with no spring scrimmages for the 2nd year in a row. Thanks TSSAA!
  9. Right now across the state Mt Pleasant might have an INTRAsquad game next week and no one else? Are teams choosing not do any game action at all this spring or are they keeping it quiet? Seems like with all the revenue lost from the 2020 season this could be a great fundraiser to sell meals, athletic apparel, and tickets to a spring game.
  10. Have any teams announced team scrimmages that are open to the public in the next few weeks. Peabody this week and Mt. Pleasant next week have been mentioned on other threads.
  11. Summertown 2020 (3-7; 0-5) *Covid forfeit loss to Forrest Returning starters: Offense 7 ; Defense 7 Key Losses: Avery Johnson OL, Blake Bailey OL Transfers: ? Coaching changes: Head coach Leslie Moat is out. Defensive coordinator Dakota Crews is now Head Coach. Outlook: Summertown entered the 2020 season with high expectations. After a 3-0 start they lost a Covid pickup game to private DCA and then collapsed down the stretch. Late leads to Loretto, Eagleville, and Community were blown, a Covid forfeit to Forrest, and a blowout loss to Lewis County ruined the 2020 campaign. Summertown has numerous offensive weapons returning and good size on both lines. Explosive skill players return in Colton Shaffer, Javen Edmiston, Gavin Robinson, and Aniken Johnson. This senior heavy squad could be a surprise team in the West if the new coach can get it going. Friday Main Event had the Eagles near the bottom of the division. I say they will be one of the top teams in Region 5 this year.
  12. Thanks. Imma do one more. Summertown is the last Region 5 O.G. The fans from the 3 new region teams need to help me out with the new information.
  13. Loretto 2020 (5-6; 2-3) Returning starters: Offense 8 ; Defense 8 Key Losses: Logan Fisher - RB/RET Transfers: ? Coaching changes: Head coach Barry Daniel returns for his 2nd season. Outlook: Replacing speedster and playmaker Fisher will be a tall task. However, the Mustangs return a solid core of players from last season’s playoff team. A new coach last season was at a disadvantage due to Covid restrictions so expect Loretto to improve in year 2. Sophomore QB Carter Daniel returns as well as 6’5” WR Tabias Sirmones. Sophomore RB Omoro Joyner should have a big year as well. Friday Main Event picks Loretto as the preseason #2 seed in Region 5.
  14. Forrest 2020 (7-5; 4-1) * Covid forfeit win vs Summertown Returning Starters: Offense- 6; Defense- 5 Key Losses: Noah Hill LB, Max Kirby QB, Micah McClendon ATH, Boston Follis ATH Transfers: ? Coaching Changes: None Outlook: The 2021 Rocket squad should be like the 2020 version with a gritty defense and a ball control offense. Forrest finished 2020 with a 4-1 region record but lost to Cascade in a non-region clash. Inconsistency on offense plagued the team all year and kept the Rockets from repeating as Region champs. Key returners on offense will be RBs Tayton Swift and Brenton Burchell. Lane Strasser should anchor the offensive and defensive lines. LB/TE McCallister Wilson should lead the defense. A tough non region schedule should have Forrest tested for their regional foes. If they develop a QB and improve on offense the Rockets could be the region favorite again. Friday Main Event preseason prediction was first place in Region.
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