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  1. There is a lot of talk here of teaching kids how to be men. When I posted here that is exactly what I was talking about. Being a man means treating others with respect and being forthright in your dealings. It is my opinion that Tygard did not do that in this instance. Although I do not coach in Tennessee, I am a coach and i am aware that how you treat your fellow coaches and people in general says a great deal about your character. That is all I was driving at here. He is certainly entitled to run his program the way he wants. But when all is said and done your credibility as a man comes from your treatment of those around you....especially when you are in a position of authority. Tygard may be a good coach, he may know his X's and O's, and he may win games. But that is only a part of what a leader does. In this situation he treated other coaches poorly. In any county, or any state that gets around.
  2. I think we have covered this. We are chasing our tails at this point. I don't need to answer to you. Trust that the behavior in question was passed on to the appropriate individuals. That doesn't include you.
  3. Bashing would be attacking him personally. Simply being truthful about what he has said and done is not bashing. Shining a light on a board where many coaches go is doing a service to those who may not be aware of what is going on there. Nothing more. I have said more than once I hope they succeed for the sake of the student athletes there. Hopefully this is much ado about nothing. I just felt it deserved to be heard. You don't have to agree with it and you don't have to like it. He may very well be a nice guy, I have no idea. what I do know I felt was important to share.
  4. Guthook...I have not applied for the Blackman job...I am not affiliated with Blackman...I just know people who are.
  5. Nate Shearon is a good man who does great things with the youth program
  6. My motivation is to shine a light on something that affects young people. Nothing more.
  7. Not allegations....factual events that are verifiable. There is a defined difference.
  8. Blaze45 I never wish ill on anyone or their situation. The reason I started this thread was to shine a light on something I found concerning. I sincerely hope that things go well for the student athletes at Blackman. My concern is that it may not go well judging by the recent events and knowing what I know about past events elsewhere. Also, I want to be clear that I can confirm factually everything I have said here. There is ZERO hearsay. I appreciate your even handedness in this discussion and I applaud your support of the Blackman program. I do wish them the best.
  9. You're assuming I haven't spoken to the coach....which would be assuming a lot
  10. What I have shared here are verifiable....they are factual and can be corroborated.
  11. Challenger, not sure if you're aware of this but I will post here when and how I choose....you don't have to agree with it. These boards are to share information. This is information that I have been given that I thought needed to be shared so those that aren't privy to the information can get it. We clear enough on this point?
  12. Challenger, this is simply an attempt to bring to light a situation that those in the community who may be parents need to be aware of. Nothing "yella" about it. Furthermore I would add that there was no "trust" established between the new coach and anyone on the staff. From the information I received the new coach came in and immediately insulted most if not all on the staff. This is not behavior that breeds loyalty in any circle. He may turn out to be an excellent coach....but from where I am sitting there have been events that merit concern. Nothing more. Have a good day.
  13. His reputation down in North Jackson is not good. They celebrated when he left. He was on his way out anyway. They were seeking to replace him. He also tried to fire his DC at halftime of their last game. All ego and zero self awareness
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