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  1. I havent seen a thread on this game so I wanted to ask the Henry County faithful, how we feeling??
  2. Yes I think HC will struggle with Portland. I even have said Portland will win the game with us. We are much like Springfield in the sense that our defense has played fairly well throughout the season but the offense has been very lack luster.
  3. Its no disrespect but it mainly depends on which team shows up. Good luck to both sides.
  4. I am picking the "upset". I have seen something in Portland that I like. I think if they can put it all together they can win this game. Springfield must play lights out on defense for them to win (and they have at times) Springfield - 21 Portland - 24
  5. Thats great. Always good to hear! They must have figured it out because its working now!!
  6. A buddy just told me about that. How impressive is that? After the way the season started for Inman, this may be one of, if not the best coaching and teamwork I have ever seen at Inman and thats saying something. Congratulations to those boys and coaching staff. Go bring home another championship!!!!
  7. yes I know that very well! Maybe so if the play calling gets better and put players in a better position to succeed. Normally I would be VERY confident heading into the game with both NE and Portland. I just need to see us put it together. Hopefully with this little change it sparks something. We ever thought about trying some up tempo offense? Lol I kinda like Josh Heupel's offense at Tennessee.
  8. Keep sleeping on them i guess...be crazy if the Panthers beat the Jackets next week.
  9. Come on Commish, don't get skeered now. Lol jk. Should be a good game for sure.
  10. The thing with Portland is, if they can put it all together like they did tonight, they can shock some people. They have the ability to do so.
  11. No deep playoff run talk from this guy. The only realist out there...#facts
  12. Just wish people wouldn't think im so crazy for saying they can beat a bad Henry County team. It can definitely happen....
  13. Well well well Portland takes down previously undefeated Station Camp tonight....
  14. Yes he was/is the o line coach. That won't change.
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