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  1. Wanted to give a big shout out to the Henry County Patriots boy's basketball team!! Those guys are 19-1 and looking pretty dang good! Got a few football guys on that team! Gotta love to see it.
  2. After the way the offense performed at the end of last season, makes me optimistic that they will continue to grow and be a very good offensive group this season. If we can get a good solid defense this squad can win a lot of games this year.
  3. I figured I would start a thread for all things 2022 Henry County Patriots. This is the upcoming season that most all Patriot fans have circled as the one that we can win it all. Lots of great talent will be suiting back up for the Big Red. Very nice talent coming up from Grove as well! Love to hear everyone's thoughts on this group.
  4. I have to believe Henry County will definitely be in the mix out of the West. Not sure about the East but if I was betting I would say the regular teams will be in the hunt Knox West and Powell for sure. I'm sure there will be a surprise team or two that will make things interesting.
  5. At one point Henry County was up 17 in the 4th quarter. I don't know for sure but somebody had said Page scored 35 in the 4th quarter alone.
  6. I'm at a total loss for words. I need to sleep on this one. Great game by both teams. Just heartbreaking.
  8. Very surprised by that score. Heck of a team Powell has.
  9. How nice would a long drive be coming out of the half with a TD? Let's get it boys!!!
  10. Game tied 7-7. I have no idea why the NFHS Network isn't working. They said on the Henry County Facebook page they would be having it live on NFHS. I'm disappointed in that.
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