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  1. Marion’s qtrback Taye was just about to bust loose for a TD on the 2nd play of the game when he reaggravated his leg. He played in the game but wasn’t allowed to run anymore due to the treat of pulling his hamstring that he’s been dealing with since the start of the season. To my understanding he went to Erlanger Sports center this morning as was told he had previously been misdiagnosed that it wasn’t his hamstring this whole time but a calf sprain. Was told by the Dr that his hamstring isn’t in jeopardy and there’s no need to be afraid to run. With this news, I think he will be back this week better than before, knowing that it’s not his hamstring. This is great news for Marion and his teammates!
  2. Marion County quarterback/running back Taye Hutchins!
  3. Marion looked horrible??? A win is a win! But don’t worry, I’m sure Marion will fix what you thought was horrible!
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