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  1. Clay 55 Sale 16 game was pretty good until it got way too chippy in the 3rd quarter. Moving on to South Pitt next week hope we represent ourselves well.
  2. Clay gets it done at home and rebounds nicely from their first loss. i say Clay 56 Sale Creek 14.
  3. Went by the field this morning, grass is high and it will rain all day. But all the speculation will end tonight and the truth will be revealed. Sticking with my prediction of Clay 26 Gordonsville 20. Hope the game is injury free and wish everyone good luck
  4. Oh I have complete faith in 28 and 11, when asked about possible sloppy conditions I feel Gordonsville has a more downhill mentality than us. Those two can get it done and are very good at it, however our identity is not downhill but edge and speed. So as for who has the advantage in sloppy conditions I believe it goes back to Gordonsville, because it fits more of their identity this season. I agree whoever wins the trenches has a huge advantage and will most likely win the game. That is why 61, 54, 57, and 60 really need to be stout up front on offense and at least make the Gordonsville DL work to disrupt anything in our backfield. Also we need 6,33,54,57, and if possible 52. To really get their motors running and bottle the Gordonsville QB up and make him throw into the teeth of our defense. When they send 40 this week he has to get home because I have watched first hand what the Gordonsville QB can do if he gets lose. I still believe we can beat this bunch but it is an uphill climb.
  5. Unfortunately I think it favors Gordy as they run more down hill with their qb power and counter. We tend to want to hit the edges more putting a lot of stress on backs to not fall during their cuts.
  6. Definitely saw a couple SP scouts last Friday in Jamestown.
  7. I believe that SP ain’t ready for these two when I see it. You wanna be the best you gotta beat ‘em, no blaming officials nor giving excuses just win. I hope Clay wins but I will say it’s hard beating Gordonsville at home. They are well coached and talented. Good luck to everyone this Friday.
  8. Really looking forward to this game, I have a couple of guys I played alongside in college with that are big supporters up there. Mostly just want a chance to get bragging rights on them as this game is mostly about getting things righted to get ready for a playoff run. Hope it is a good game and nobody has any injuries.
  9. Getting Arms ready is a must for this week. Should be a good game, I still stay with my prediction of Clay by 14. We gotta find more consistency in our run game to keep defenses honest heading into the playoffs.
  10. Dawgs athleticism gives them some late scores to pull away in the end and win by 14.
  11. Boarhog, nothing but respect for JoByrns out of Clay County. Always well coached and hard nosed.
  12. Watched JoByrns wreck RBS a couple of weeks ago. They have better athletes this season than the last few across the board. As usual they are well coached and execute effectively. I think the game will be closer than a lot of Clay fans believe but I think Clay out athletes JoByrns in the end. Just to many players across the board. JoByrns stadium should be rocking as I have seen it in the past. Best chance is Clay QB, freshman, gets overconfident and performs poorly.
  13. Yep you really need to spy on the Wing-T offense. I mean it so new and edgy.
  14. So what game you going to go watch since JC Satanics ain’t going.
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