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  1. My understanding is they left the application open until the 14th so I’m sure they’ve had some interviews last week but that was also graduation week. Also, the girls softball team is currently at State and Seth Garner just won AAA baseball player of the year so I’m sure the AD is busy. My guess is an announcement won’t be made until next week at the earliest. Doesn’t really indicate anything.
  2. From my understanding, Coach Reed applied for the boys opening and didn't get it. There has been some tension between SCA (Where Reed is the girls and boys coach) and the HC middle school athletics for years and not sure if that will factor in to the decision. Rob Parsons left HC as an assistant several years ago and went to Dyer County (a hated district rival at the time) to be an assistant. I doubt he would be welcomed back with open arms after that move. Coach Parsons did do a decent job at Bolivar turning that program around this past year. I have also heard that the other HC boys assistant, Coach Kirk, is interested in the position but he only has two years exp as an assistant on the boys side I think. I would expect a decision will have to be made quickly with school being out in two weeks.
  3. Not really an assistant in waiting. Coach Rich has been there several years and the other assistant for just one. They lost a good coach in Eddie Walker, but he is an assistant on the boys team at Page HS. Not much coaching experience to take over from within. HC has great facilities and the community really backs both the Tigers and Lady Tigers, a shame that they may have to settle just to fill the spot which usually leads to a declining program.
  4. Hardin County head coach Ron Burnham just announced to his team that he has retired. Puts the school and program in a tough spot with a late notification. Leaves with three straight district titles, three straight trips to sub-state and a tournament appearance with an upset of #1 Bearden in the 2021 state tournament.
  5. First off, congratulations to South Side on the region championship. Hardin County didn't back down and the game was more competitive than the final score indicates. Two things to ponder going forward...SS got away with some obvious two-hand checks all night that were never called. The ref crew in this game are regulars in the HC district and they probably have no idea what a hand-check foul is. I don't think SS will get to be that hands on in the 'Boro (Refs from middle and east TN call games way different than in the west). The other thing is the HC big had perhaps her worst game of the season and it wasn't due to SS's defense. She got slapped with her second foul early in the 2nd and it took her completely out of her game mentally. If SS runs into a post who can dribble then they will not be able to play their press defense. SS help defense is weak at best. Once the 4th quarter got to the 4 min mark and SS started dribbling out the clock with a 15 point lead, it looked like HC backed off and decided to save legs for Saturday's matchup with Creekwood. Should be some entertaining games on Saturday.
  6. Won't survive huh? Anything can happen come tournament time. Hardin County just proved it again against South Gibson and some other teams will prove it as well before this season is complete.
  7. District 11 isn’t necessarily bad, McNairy has had several big wins this year and Hardin County took Deschler, Alabama to the wire before losing 47-40. Deschler was #1 in the state of Alabama at the time and they were averaging nearly 70pts a game. Both McNairy and Hardin County play better defense than most teams are used too. Just ask Bearden from last years tournament, anything can happen come tournament time.
  8. The Gibson County playday refs were not bad, but hardly like a game. Teams with bigger guards or post players were way too physical because there was no threat to fouling out. Half of the games I watched would have seen multiple players foul out each game and that was with just three quarters of play. Play days are nothing more than pickup ball scrimmages, refs were more there to "keep the peace" than anything else.
  9. Hard to tell much of anything from the playday @ Gibson County. Several of the teams were playing at 8:30AM/9:30AM after multiple hour drives to get there. TSSAA refs were allowing way more contact than normal and fouls were not tracked so "aggressive" teams were able to appear better than others with no fear of fouling out. Overall, it gave coaches a chance to see their teams run some live action against someone other than themselves. I wouldn't try to look into these scrimmages any more than that. Most of the teams at Gibson County have the talent and coaching to win a bunch of game this year.
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