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    Not if you have Roller at 26, Sturgill at 32, Mason at 38, and Ivy at 45 like I originally posted.
  2. TRB0701


    106 Dupill 113 120 Helton 126 Roller 132 Sturgill 138 Mason 145 Ivy 152 Dupill 160 Dalon 170 Kodiak Who then?
  3. TRB0701


    This year specifically I think you could consider East Tennessee as East (without the Cleveland/Chattanooga) and be very close to being the strongest region over West, Middle, and the Chattanooga area. The 4 State Winners from Greeneville, combined with the 3 state winners from Lakeway, throw in one state winner from DB, one state winner from Heritage, one state winner from Alcoa, and I think upper East Tennessee would be the strongest group across the state.
  4. D1 AA Cleveland D2 AA Baylor D2 A Lakeway D1 A Greeneville
  5. A lot of similar lists Mason(Flo ranked, Super 32, Beast, Fargo AA) Roller(Prep Nationals 3rd, Super 32 6th, Grappler Fall Classic 3rd, Beast of the East 4th) Big Dupill(NHSCA, Ironman, Beast of the East AA) Davis(Fargo, Beast of the East 4th) Cannedy
  6. Regardless of Division or class, who’s your Top 5 P4P wrestlers in the state?
  7. Heard Roller is going 132 after “Beast”
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