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  1. Tide3838


    What was said i didn't say it was true. Do you know them personally. You just giving your opinion too.
  2. Tide3838


    Good friend said he knows them well. He said the aged out up there. Reclassified a few times.
  3. Tide3838


    Truth is you can't. No one can. Sorry you getting all tide up over a prediction.
  4. Tide3838


    Not sure why you keep calling me Billy. I do think Randy Coffman is one best coaches in state. What he has done with young group is so impressive. I watched Lakeway two games in Chattanooga. I've watched Webb also. I still have not got your logic to why you can say its closer than 30. I have not got anything out of you to back that up but you bringing up stuff I don't know about. So if you think its closer than 30 give something logical to back it up then I would listen.
  5. Tide3838


    Plus I don't care if Lakeway Christian had top girl in nation. There no way its close with no help around the line up. I'd be curious to factual info you can back up that a nomination could keep this game within 30.
  6. Tide3838


    Not sure about nominations. But I do know Webb has bigger, faster, stronger players.
  7. Tide3838


    Webb 77 lca 35 cak 55 nca 44 trinity 56 pca 48 Northpoint 44 mtcs 39
  8. Tide3838


    Definitely and what do you prove. At least Hamilton heights played national schedule.
  9. Tide3838


    Definitely avoiding webb is better route. CAK is a tuff out.
  10. Are you Billy? Last time I checked that is not what my mother named me.
  11. I'm very impressed with this team. The coaches had a plan and the girls play hard for her. They will be in Tennessee Tech in final 4. Lakeway coach just got out coached and cak players out played them. Definitely a great team to watch.
  12. Lakeway played good team out of Asheville nc that catholic beat by 1 Lakeway beat them by 7 so catholic not so far a head of Lakeway.
  13. After all this discussion. I looked at there schedule and it is f minus in my book. There is no doubt catholic plays tougher opponents. Hopefully he schedules harder as the team ages. Everyone had good points.
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