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  1. no he has no time, they will have to hire a coach who knows something about the game of soccer.
  2. really, why do you say that? Italy is just not that good, they are just a name. With all their talent, Italy should win the world cup every 4 years, but they don't. They were slaughtered by the Koreans in 2002, and they Italians were so much stronger then than they are now! We tied the Koreans in 2002, and should've beat them, remember? The Czechs just dont have the athletism to keep up with the US, and thats that. We will beat Ghana because they just don't have the forwards to beat us. Have faith! The World Cup is crazy! If we win our group, it is set up perfectly for us to go to the semis!
  3. What is everyone's projected line-up for the Czech game? Here is mine: Fowards: McBride, Johnson Mids: O'Brien, Donovan(attacking), Renya(holding), Beasley Defenders: Lewis, Pope, Onyewu, Cherundolo Keeper: Keller
  4. well, I agree with you on Agoos and Armas and the like, however if Bruce decides to play Wolffe, Ching, and Convey we may be stuck with more of the same.. I just curious when I ask this, but what positions are we suspect at? Just curious, I'm not trying to start a fight or anything...
  5. Here are my predictions: USA-1 Czech-0 (I think that the Czechs have SO many injuries, that the chemistry and fitness just won't be there for them, although Donovan and Beasley will be so tightly marked, we will need a big game from Eddie Johnson and McBride, also O'Brien and Renya will HAVE to play excellent. Onyewu and Pope will have their hands full with Baros and especially Nedved. We also will finally see if Eddie Lewis can really play left back, and we will all pray that Cherundolo's mistake against Morroco was his last one. If these players don't play out of their minds it won't matter if the Czechs are out of shape, we will lose.) Ghana-2 Italy-1 (Upset pick of the Group stage, Ghana has nothing to lose and I don't think the Italians will have an answer to stop Essien, I believe he runs free early and finally two Italians will have to mark him later in the game and that will open space for the no-names of Ghana, who you can bet will have tons of speed. This is another France vs. Senegal from 2002. If you remember, Zidane had an injury right before the 02 WC and that killed the French team, I see a big comparison between what Zidane's injury meant to France and what Totti's injury means to Italy. Don't forget that little scandal, as well.) USA-2 Italy-2 (again, speed and age is a question on Italy's back line, and expect Eddie Johnson to create lots of space for Mcbride, Donovan, Beasley, and O'Brien. However, I think Italy's offense finds its chemistry and runs right by the suspect defending of Cherundolo and Eddie Lewis. I hope I'm wrong about our wing backs, but I dont think I am. A draw is fine though.) Ghana-1 Czech-1 (The Czech's solid play returns and Ghana won't find space. Essien has a good game and gets a goal, but he has to concentrate on getting back to help his defense and won't be able to get forward often. This is the end of the tourney for the Czechs, and everyone finally will realize that this team is WAY overrated. Good, but overrated.) USA-3 Ghana-2 (Renya has to have the game of his career, because Michael Essien will be his job this game. He will follow him everywhere and keep him frustrated. Cherundolo and Lewis will have a BIG game going forward, smacking in crosses for the heads of McBride and Johnson. I think Donovan has to stay forward as well. The USA will win this game, and the group.) Czech-2 Italy-4 (Neither team will hold anything back, which might make this the best game in the group stage. Italy will push everyone forward, and the Czechs will get their goals on counter-attacks. However, the Italian attack is too much, but it will show up too late.) Takes these for what they are worth, give me some imput on my predictions..
  6. In soccer, the most prepared team wins the game. In 2002, the US went into the game against Portugal with a plan, and they won. Greece went into Euro 2004 with a plan, and they won. If you can exploit a team's weakness, you can beat them, and that makes you better. You may not have more talent, but if you can exploit a team's weakness, you are the better team. Period.
  7. Who is this Bradley kid that the US keeps playing? Is he on the roster?
  8. "The only way to stop Adriano from scoring is to turn off the stadium lights" -Claudio Ranieri after his team was defeated by Inter Milan 5-1 "I can see in the dark, too" -Adriano Arrogance is a part of soccer, and fans love it.
  9. manU721


    yep. Expect this team to be not as competitive the next couple of years, but wait until David Grueser is a senior and you will see a very strong Dyersburg team, compariable to the 2006 team.
  10. thats the case for every single soccer game ever played.
  11. I agree. In the Catholic/Dyersburg game, I believe that head official was the best Dyersburg has seen all year.. aside from Malcolm Pierce, who was at the Spring Fling as a Linesman.
  12. Is Madison gonna hire a soccer coach or just put a teacher in there who knows nothing about soccer?
  13. If Italy is so good, then why have they not won the WC in so long? If you dont like the ranking system, then you know that the Czechs are overrated and are incredibly old for a national team. Ghana is terrible because they were coming after Freddy Adu and were promising him a spot on the team..Italy has ALL the talent, but they are just not a well-organized team, and with all the scandal going on over there, I think that they will fall apart. I think that the US does have some world class talent. Donovan could be a force in the EPL if he wanted to, that league is tailor-made for his style of play. Same with Beasley. This World Cup will also show the world that we have other world class talent in Eddie Johnson, Clint Dempsey, and Onyewu. To go far in the WC, I am convinced it is just who is hot at the right time and who is lucky. Turkey and Korea played in the 3rd place game last year, and Germany made it to the final. Nobody predicted this. If our team uses its strengths (speed and one touch passing) we can win our group and hopefully keep advancing..
  14. why does everyone think that they won't win their group? Why can't the US win the world cup?
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