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  1. This will be his senior year!
  2. Tylon Chatman- Haywood High School
  3. You could put Fulton, Haywood (at full strength after football returns), and the Sullivan East team from the tournament last in the same category. (Just giving the Sullivan East team credit for what it did last year. Haywood and K.Fulton are upper echelon.
  4. Crockett and Haywood are in the same region. Crockett gave the tomcats the boot last year in the semis. Are you predicting that those are the two playing for the region crown? If so, does Haywood get pay back or does Crockett show that they belong?
  5. Bolivar is young and plays super hard! Covington is scrappy and plays super hard and still has a scorer in Wormath Crockett County lost their point guard to graduation, looks like he made this team go, they should compete within the district. Dyersburg lost alot of size to graduation, but still has alot to look forward to and compete within the district behind the play of guards McLin and Mahaffey. Fayette Ware lost alot of size loosing Walker to graduation and also lost of guard play and will look to J.Terry to pick that up and Freeman to help out with Yates carrying a bigger load. Depth might become an issue. (Not West TN, but Fulton is going to be a problem for East TN teams and teams back in Murfreesboro) Haywood is going to be legit, still doesn't look like they're at full strength. Looks like they played one of the toughest schedules this weekend to be a 3A team and they competed in all of them pulling out a couple of good wins. Very impressive showing against Briarcrest. Jackson South Side lost a lot to graduation and Coach Fuller looks to be in sort of a rebuild with a team composed of 9 sophomores, 2 freshmen and 1 junior. Munford lost alot of scoring it looks like. Struggled to put the ball in the hole. **just an opinion based off of what ive seen
  6. Saw some good things and bad things this weekend in Memphis. Anyone else want to weigh in?
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