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  1. I wish I could say everything I’m really feeling and wanting to say but I won’t. I will say this. Walker has practically been non existent ever since Smith and Rebstock announced they were moving on to Bartlett. I personally think he has gotten some bad advice and I’m not gonna speculate on where he got it from. Knowing what I know I laughed when I read the commercial appeal article.
  2. Who did Haywood get for their 10th game?
  3. Not being an instigator! I am well aware of the turnover at west Tn schools in that timeframe. My Haywood probably has more turnover than y’all do between Massey and Marley. I know why Haywood has had coaching changes. Why has USJ?
  4. And by the way. I’m not a USJ hater. I have family that have gone to USJ and currently attend USJ. I was a big fan of Coach Mickey Marley and also Coach Jimmy Carey!
  5. Sincere question here. IMO USJ head coaching job is the best job for sure in Jackson and arguably in west Tn outside of Memphis. As far as salary goes, at least I’m assuming. Ever since Coach Marley left they have had a hard time keeping anyone. Why is that?
  6. One of those coaches has already left. I doubt very seriously the other one is the daddy’s guy! The daddy’s is why nobody wants the job at USJ. I’m assuming they are having to go out of area to find someone
  7. This makes me happy! Glad Coach Massey is coming back to west Tn. Briarcrest is getting a good coach and a good man!
  8. I can’t help but give my two cents on the subject. Everything you stated is true Stacmot, but I don’t think those are the reasons he’s looking to leave. I truly believe Smith loves sending kids off to play ball at the next level. No better place in west Tn to do that other than Haywood. From what I understand he got tired of the “recruiting “ that went on in Memphis while he was at Germantown. There is no recruiting in Brownsville. Unless he plans on poaching talent from other schools to go to USJ I don’t see him being there long term. That was the main reason he wanted to come to Haywood from what I understand. I also understand coach smith has a beef with the newly hired superintendent in Haywood that came from Memphis, who was at Germantown while he was there. Coach Smith isn’t the only person with a problem about the new hire but that’s a different topic for a different day. Coach Smith may very well take the USJ job if offered but I totally do not see him being happy there. At Haywood all you have to do is keep a few people above you happy. At USJ you have to keep a bunch of rich daddy’s happy. Big difference. I don’t think Chris Smith is that type. I could be wrong.
  9. I’m aware of that. Why not keep us on schedule you think?
  10. Maybe Covington, South Gibson, Dyersburg, Ripley, Milan or Henry County will grow a pair and give us a game. Really disappointed in Covington and Henry County especially.
  11. Butch Jones should be available soon
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