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  1. Pretty bad when Crockett beats Science Hill
  2. They had water line leak in cafeteria so they’re using the stage for hospitality
  3. I was wondering why he wasn’t playing
  4. Science Hill only needs 2 more wins this year and that’s against Dobyns Bennett
  5. When it closed it was 1a and that was a fact. It does look nice but they need to put padding up behind baskets before someone gets seriously injured.
  6. Just like an Indian fan resorting to name calling.
  7. New Jonesborough school I mean the whole school is 42 million. 24 million for basketball is ridiculous. That’s what you get when it comes to a city school.
  8. You better get yours facts right before coming at me. North was a 1a school.
  9. I really don’t know I went to the Science Hill and Farragut game. By the highlights it was mostly quarterback runs.
  10. Boone starting quarterback done he went out with an ACL injury.
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