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  1. Are you saying there is nobody in the country that can beat Father Ryan's 132?
  2. wssm


    I don't get good internet when it's cold. What happened?
  3. Well, I guess we can hope for a move up to the 15th seed so the #1 seed is out of the picture until the finals. Have an amazing day.
  4. So basically the difference between second and third.
  5. Then out of nowhere the voice of logic was heard. Well said.
  6. Maybe so, but they weren't born here and we don't want no outsiders. Run em out of town.
  7. I think it's great to see Tennessee wrestling get recognized on a National level. It will make collages more aware of all Tennessee wrestling. They won't care where the kid is from.
  8. Keep saying the same thing over and over it eventually will catch on.
  9. Agree. After watching the wno. They may not be the best team in D2 (Father Ryan) and they would maybe get 3rd in either of the public school divisions.
  10. Fowler pins Sturgill. Fowler should have gone o Fargo, he could have won it.
  11. I think they are more focused on national success than state success. I would imagine most of the tournaments they will go to this year will be more difficult than the State Tournament.
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