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  1. Harlan is going 138 or 144 jordan will be 126 and trevor sexton will be where Harlan isnt
  2. My youngest son wrestled hunter last year in the sectional final and got killed of course lol but he said hunter is an absolute class act
  3. If you go back and read more closely you will see that their gripe is because there are so many because of all the divisions and you're right I was not suggesting making all state was easier than making! Aa I was just saying that if you take the numbers it is not too many there are staristicly less all state.wrestlers than there are ncaa all Americans
  4. The really sad part is that 2 of them are coaches that I know really well
  5. Not saying it's easier but most high school kids have no desire to wrestle in college im saying the odds are better for a d1 wrestler to make aa than they are for a tn high schooler to make all state I dont even know why adults get so bent on downgrading accomplishments for KIDS because i promise you that every one of those kids on that list worked his or her butt off to be where they are so instead of making snide comments or saying that the mathematical odds are dumb maybe adults would be better served to pat them on the back and tell them good job
  6. There are approximately 200 wrestling teams in the state of tn so your chance af being on this list is roughly 1 in 18 ithere are 78 d1 wrestling teams and the top 8 make all american so your odds of making all american in d1 is roughly 1 in 10 so respectively its harder for the everyday kid to make all state than it is for a d1 wrestler to make all american
  7. How about everybody just goes and wrestles and the sideline coaches stay out of it let the kids have fun and have whatever glory the classifications allow all of my kids have qualified for state every year and have even been finalist but the thing they hated the most was when adults tried to micromanage the tournaments they would always say we don't care about medals just let us wrestle
  8. When is pin tn going to change their rankings to state results and give the state placers the respect that they earned
  9. Just got word that chase brown from halls made it also
  10. Why do they do this what's the purpose
  11. They are wrestling Thursday and Friday starting at 6 I think
  12. In A one error I see is sexton at 126 has pinned brown twice this year in head to head
  13. I believe you forgot briar Whaley at 160
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