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  1. i am on the team bruh and u in the stands talking about the good ole days
  2. u crazy we would kill yall posers u act like yall are good bruh u lost to east jv team
  3. bruh u dont know me I am an owl and we gonna win it all this year u can step to me when u ready
  4. we beat east and they beat us in the playoffs bruh there jv team beat yall when u played cuz yall was weak
  5. u got jokes bruh look at our game against fairview and look at yalls game east got all there dudes back when they played us they sat them when they played white house and u guys cuz yall was weak im gonna tell coach dyer to call yalls coach today but he wont answer bruh
  6. i wish we could play waverley cuz I know they a bunch of posers bruh yall are soft and dont want none of this we would smash ur sorry rears go back to 3a with fairview and brag about beating them and losing to east every year
  7. u aint gonna have to look hard to find me this year cuz I am gonna be smashing your boy all night long bruh
  8. east sucks and we gonna smash there sorry butts they ain’t scorin 35 on us
  9. shut up punk im gonna be at the games and we gonna go all the way u old guys need to get off the high school boards and stop talkin bout ur days its a new day in smith county and we dont care bout how sorry u was back in ur day
  10. they gonna lose to smith county next year
  11. we gonna destroy everybody in this weak region and now that we playin 2a we gonna win it all
  12. yea he did and he aint do nothin bout it east nasty played like a bunch of punks they just get away with stuff cuz there a nashville team and got the refs in there pocket we done playin these teams and next year we goin all the way and i dont care who likes my stuff on here or not cuz i aint here to make friends with a bunch of yall old people we goin all the way next year and we aint playin
  13. we was cheated last nite ima be glad when we aint playin 3a teams next yr we gonna smash everyone in 2a and ain’t gotta play no more nashville teams that get all the calls
  14. bruh u want be seeing me nowhere cuz i aint hanging out with none yall east nasty boys u just better be ready to leave a 2nd time loser after we smash yall again
  15. waverley lost and now there fans wanna get on here and cry waverley was more than a couple of dudes from a state also they keep talkin like they better than every one else
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