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  1. Like I said I hope the best for him. We'll leave it at that.
  2. The rain stinks. Come on Halls quit the Jekyl and Hyde act. I haven't seen a team go from one extreme to another. Win 14-0 one game then lose 14-4 the next. I'm still scratching my head. Play loose and get the hit parade going.
  3. Sorry I'm not impressed. I am glad he has turned his life around but the stigma is still there.
  4. If Williams continues to drop the passing game like last year we will be in serious do do. Don't tell me about Kitts the year before mentality either because we had a balanced attack that actually scared teams because we could strike in the air and Ward used it to perfection. Last year the passing game was a joke but running game was ok due to manchild Leonard with all those pancake blocks. With Leonard gone we better learn to mix it up or expect some lean times at the crossroads.
  5. Karns 14 Halls 4 Karns 18 hits on a Halls team. Crazy times. I would have lost money at vegas on this one. Whats wrong with Halls baseball this year. Three slobberknockers against District teams has Coach P scratching his head. Come on Red Devils lets get it together. We have too many quality players to let this happen.
  6. Losing Caleb Leonard hurts the running game. With no passing game to speak of last year I really wonder were the offense will come from. A team emphasis will have to be brought back and we can't rely on a few individuals it will take a big task to get back to the playoffs but it can be done. Good luck Devils.
  7. Halls looks lethargic. They are young but they need to work hard and kick it into gear. Powell looks too strong this year I'm afraid.
  8. I have to agree with Devilsden. We need to explore and develop passing leagues. Can't we get one of our so called assistant coaches to work on that alone. Running game is fine lets get better. Also, the lineman blocking for the passing game has a lot to be desired. Don't we run block on most passing formations and use the element of suprise. Well nobody was surprised last year as our QB ran for his life and tucked the ball for little if no gains.
  9. Nailed it head on. How many Halls fans are in denial they can improve without the passing game. I guess everyone is happy with 4-6 or 5-5 or even 6-4 if the stars all align right. It won't get better until reality sets in.
  10. Powell should be up for this so bad bad news for Walker Valley.
  11. Some balance needs to be achieved. Or............. Who wants to play QB if we don't throw? Who wants to play receiver if we don't have a QB that has any confidence in passing? Ultimately do we lose the Skill players that don't run the ball because of our sell out to the run. I agree with Devilsden we need more than a good defense and running game to win against the big boys in this district now. We can't live in the seventies and eighties and think we can relive those memories again those days have come and gone.
  12. And a winning way it was 38-0 Thanks Seniors good luck for the future. Underclassmen lets work hard and good luck next year.
  13. O.J. or no O.J. I have this feeling that the Red Devils will let it all hang out.
  14. Will you do any NAIA? I know a lot of good local players have ended up their.
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