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  1. Those Cow Towners' don't appreciate what they had in Smith the last few years. He'll be missed sorely this season and yes, he took a total beating for those nucklehead coaches last year. Now those clowns run the show With Coach Smith at SH you'll see some wide-open football and a refreshed feel of excitement. Same at Cow Town but not at the same level. It will take the Cyclones several years to recover and if my mind serves me right, this year's QB may be in for the same beating that was administered last season to P Smith. On the other hand, the Toppers have a full house of athletes and size to go with it. It'll be a grand show.
  2. As a matter of fact, Mr. Ed played a very intrigal part in Weems departure. The FACT that stability in Cow Town is lacking unless you are one of Ed's 'boys', whether you are successful or not, played a role in his departure. Sad but true.
  3. This is the man who told all of you that the drama wasn't over at Cowtown. Now Weems packs his bags and heads out of town. 'The Hill' is rid of outsiders now and they wait at Cowtown as the leader of the Hill is getting his credentials in line so that he can be a Superintendant. Cowtown USA. Sorry, but I have to agree with others on here. 'Clear the Hill'
  4. You Cowtowners just can't quit. Cowtown is a better place because of people like Gary who spent years doing for your children while most of you sat in the shade on the sidelines where you belonged. He grew several young boys into men. I have to applaud him and others in your community who have given time as well as money. He went far above his call to duty for Elizabethton. As far as Preston goes, he put his butt on the line every Friday night and did everything he could for an underachieving team. They are both class acts and neither needs defending, but enough is enough and if anyone ever deserved the right to complain a bit, it was those two. Preston certainly didn't let Cowtown down. It was the other way around. Hats off to them both and we'll see you guys real soon!
  5. Cyclones at 5-5 because they dropped Greeneville. Looks like someone would have let the Devils know about this before the season was here? This should be the start of something good for Cowtowners. Hang in there. Cyclones at 5-5 because they dropped Greeneville. Looks like someone would have let the Devils know about this before the season was here? This should be the start of something good for Cowtowners. Hang in there.
  6. Yes, Bernie is a mistake as a head coach for any team. He doesn't hold up well upstairs over time. Hopefully the Cyclones can lure back someone from the big show? About McKinney: upstair problem as well.
  7. I can tell you this: UA baseball cleats are trash.
  8. Great Topper victory last night vs. the area's best AA team, Cow Town. Lucas threw a 1-hitter with Smith getting the lone hit in the 7th. The HillToppers were loose and the Cow Towners were tight. We made the defensive plays and they looked apprehensive, at best. The Cyclones pitching was very tight and they just couldn't get off vs. the Topper pitching and stellar defense. The Hill had 2 errors and Cow Town 3. Fritz was very kind in this mornings papers. Toppers took this game 8 to 1. Good luck to the Cyclones. They did play with class but loosen up fellas. /wink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="wink.gif" /> Toppers vs. DB @ 1P Now, off to the game!!
  9. Let us talk about something real important. It doesn't take HRs to be at the pinnacle for your team. It does take RBIs! What is your team's record and who are your RBI Leaders?
  10. When we don't boot the ball around the infield we can play with anyone in the state. It's a game to game thing, but aren't things looking brighter? /wink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="wink.gif" />
  11. This tjad, what a jerk. /laugh.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":lol:" border="0" alt="laugh.gif" /> I just wish we would have had a chance to take on the Cyclones in the regular season. We certainly needed an opportunity to atone for the spanking you gave us preseason. Each coach has his own philosophy and it is hard to go against someone with Payne's experience and success. Success at the vey top of the collegiate level (National Championship Winner) and success in his first year at Cow Town. Some people would complain if they won state?? GO TOPPERS!!!
  12. What is the buzz on the team and how have the scrimmages been? Pitching? Hitting? Fielding? COACHING?
  13. What are your thoughts concerning the '07 campaign? A Great coach and staff along with great senior leaderhip should lead to a GREAT season!!
  14. The coaches picks are out now and I'm just surprised by Cow Town getting two offensive lineman on any list???? #74 wasn't bad but that was it. They made you feel sorry for Smith. I can't see Unicoi's QB ahead of Thomas or Smith either. Or even Prudhomme at Athlete of the Year??? Good WR but not AOY. Everything else looks up and up. Congradulations to the players and to Coach Carter. www.tricitiessports.com is where I found the list.
  15. Best man for the Toppers is Scott Rider from Volunteer. He would be a great fit!
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