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  1. Norman Dale

    District 4AAA 2018-19

    That can actually become a big problem if not managed properly.
  2. Norman Dale

    Maryville is Overrated

    How about giving a team credit for being 20-1 instead of saying they are overrated? They have a PG who can shoot the lights out, multiple other excellent 3 point shooters, and are well coached. They may not be quite as physically talented as some other teams but beating teams that are more physically talented than you are is a good thing. Maryville is having a great season. I just don't know how you can say anyone that is 20-1 is overrated.
  3. Norman Dale

    District 4AAA 2018-19

    Totally agree Govman. Bearden is hands down the best team in ET on paper. They have it all- quickness, ball handling, shooters, size, multiple all-state caliber players, very good "dirty work" role players, and experience. Their senior class is absolutely loaded. Like you say- IF they are healthy, eligible, and avoid T's/ejections, they will beat anybody and everybody in ET by double digits, IMO.
  4. Norman Dale

    Class AAA - Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 (Regions 1 and 2)

    Not a Bearden fan but I watched the game. I think you have to give Coach Eldridge a lot of credit for his game plan , plus Joe Anderson played an outstanding game and the supporting cast contributed. Tactically, Maryville played box and one on Ques Glover and Bearden did not attack it well, IMO. The rematch at Bearden on February 5, plus their inevitable game(s) in the post season will be very interesting. I have no idea how the upcoming game(s) will unfold but IMO, if Bearden is even close to full strength, keeps their cool, plays their game, and refrains from all the extracurricular talking, taunting, etc. they honestly should win.
  5. Norman Dale

    No interest in the Arby's this year?

    Bearden wins the Arby’s Classic championship tonight , 61-57 over Carmel Christian. Great accomplishment by the Bulldogs.
  6. Norman Dale

    No interest in the Arby's this year?

    Congrats to the Tribe- very nice win. Coach Poore appears to be doing a very good job at D-B so far.
  7. Norman Dale

    No interest in the Arby's this year?

    D-B vs. Gate City should be a great one. Good to see these two teams going head to head.
  8. Norman Dale

    Best team in District 3-AAA?

    I watched some of the OR games vs Whitehaven and Brentwood Academy in-line. Wildcats looked very good. They can really shoot it this year. As for the loss to Anderson County- inexplicable is all I can say.
  9. Norman Dale

    District 4AAA 2018-19

    I hear you, Gov- just trying to show Christian Gale a little love. He is having a great year shooting the ball and is flying under the radar a bit.
  10. Norman Dale

    District 4AAA 2018-19

    The sad part is I think he is actually a pretty good ref when he sticks to calling the game and doesn’t try to become the center of attention. I know firsthand from playing and then watching HS basketball for many years that it can get very emotional, especially when the gym is packed and two rivals are playing. Coaches and players have to keep their poise, especially when you have an officiating crew that is known for calling T’s. Cutting to the chase........for Bearden fans that think they might have gotten a raw deal last night because of the technicals just remember that Maryville got two critical T’s called on them in last year’s game at Maryville in the fourth quarter for trash talking to Bearden. The moral of the story is pretty simple- just shut up and play basketball.
  11. Norman Dale

    District 4AAA 2018-19

    Great win for Maryville. Anderson gets all the pub- deservedly so, he is the MVP of district, IMO- but Gale is as good of a pure shooter as I have seen at Maryville. When those two are hot and knocking down 3’s, they can beat anybody on a given night. Bearden had 12-0 and 13-0 runs in the game and still lost. They are very talented but they lose focus on both ends of the court and have too many intensity lapses for a team with their experience, imo. As for officiating, Red Rebels is exactly correct about the crew. When one particular ref who will remain nameless shows up like he did last night, the officials always seem to be the center of attention, regardless of what teams are playing. IMO, it’s not a good thing when the officiating crew is so noticeable and when this particular official is there, officiating always seems to be VERY noticeable.
  12. Norman Dale

    District 4AAA 2018-19

    IMO, when Bearden makes up their mind to play and kicks it into high gear, nobody in ET has a chance to beat them but sometimes they coast for a half or so. Case in point- WB had them down by 4 at halftime @ Bearden but Bearden ended up winning easily by 20 points or so. They were obviously ready to roll from the opening tip vs. Farragut. As a UT fan and for the young man as an individual, I am concerned about Drew Pember’s foot injury. That is a scary injury for anyone- especially a big man. That said, I think Shamarcus Brown and Roman Robinson are back on the court for Bulldogs so they have more than enough firepower to continue to win in regular season. I do think having a healthy Pember helps their chances to win AAA state title immensely.
  13. Norman Dale

    District 4AAA 2018-19

    Maryville’s 3 point shooting is unreal this year, most notably by Anderson and Gale. Coach Eldridge has always been and continues to be well ahead of the curve compared to his coaching peers on understanding the importance and having the coaching guts to structure your offense to shoot a lot of three point shots by design and how that is the most efficient way to play offense. He has taken it to another level this year it seems like. That said, I give Coach Higgins and his Farragut team a lot of credit for coming into Maryville and battling hard for 32 minutes.
  14. Norman Dale

    Mairvul goes two Okelund

    Another Oakland interception sets up a short field for Patriots, Oakland now leads 17-0, 2:10 left in first half. Oakland defense looks unreal good at the moment.
  15. Norman Dale

    Mairvul goes two Okelund

    Pick 6 for Oakland off a tipped pass, Oakland 10, Maryville 0, 5:03 left in first half.