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  1. No one expects that Memphis Central will not be back? Someone else out of Memphis.
  2. Were you trying to message me, email is [email protected]

  3. My question is why he left a team a few months ago because of health reasons, and in such a short time decided to apply for another job. Stone Memorial has been really good, and seems like had a lot of young players. I know one coach was asked to interview but declined cause they felt he would get the job.
  4. 5 people were contacted to interview, I was told one coach from outside the area ended up withdrawing when he realized other people that have been named were also part of the process.
  5. Coach If you have a Business, Marketing, Economics or Government position, and we could find my wife an elementary school job, give me a call. I am sure both would be hard though.
  6. Why would see not want to return home. I heard she was offered another job, but I cannot really say where.
  7. One person says there is talent coming up and one poster says there is not much talent. So which is it? Coach McMillan is not that far removed from some very successful seasons there.
  8. They are on Spring Break this week, with several other schools. Likely no decision for Trenton or Bradford until next week.
  9. The one thing I will say, and it is not about Allison Clark, cause she may be a great coach, and it might be a lot of other factors. But not always do great players make great coaches. Another factor, did Coach Clark have any high school coaching experience before she took the Shelbyville job?? I think over the last few years we have seen on the girls side of basketball people gets jobs as head coaches with little experience coaching high school basketball, and several have not fared that well.
  10. Any talk of who would be interested in the Trenton Peabody job that was posted on TSSAA's website.
  11. A few years back I worked at Ridgeway, and it was not an Optional School, did that change recently?
  12. The word recruiting used in my statement had absolutely nothing to do with a coach improperly going to parents homes, making phone calls or whatever else to get a player to come to their school to play. I know full well your issue here, and it will be left at that. But the fact of a team going to Hawaii to play makes a lot of people interested in wanting to play for that particular school. Sometimes we need to realize parents want the best opportunity for their son or daughter and sometimes they make decisions we do not like, and the influence we want to accuse of being there is not there.
  13. If you are a parent, have a choice where to send your child to play, where you want them to go, a school that the coach works as hard as Coach Bray does. It is a GREAT recruiting tool, where would anyone's daughter rather go, a team that is playing in Hawaii or Phoenix, or going to play just across town in a tournament.
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