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  1. I believe Noah will end up at Virginia. Not sure a decision has been finalized yet.
  2. werazzlin

    Week 1

    Beech and Clarksville wrestle early every year. Has no ramifications on the end of season (district/region) standings. we face again at that time also. So why not have Brentwood and Centennial match early to please us wrestling fans??!?
  3. werazzlin

    Week 1

    get this live on track!!!
  4. werazzlin

    Week 1

    That is a big tri. All 3 are top ten in Hamm’s rankings.
  5. There will be enough of a passing game to keep you guessing. LOL
  6. This game is on tv Friday. What an awesome experience, to play in playoff game and on tv!!
  7. Beech offense keeps pounding the ball. They hold the ball too long to go down by 28. They are very good at clock management also.
  8. My thoughts exactly. round 2 and 3 in the current format will have the best teams from 1 region playing again. If they would separate them you have better games that are not repeats. However travel will be more expensive, but I think most of the teams would travel for a better game rather than play a local again.
  9. I wish they would set the brackets so a team from each region is in separate brackets. I mean the goal is to get the 2 best teams in the final. That cannot happen if the teams are knocking each other out. I know it is done this way to keep cost down on travel but, I feel we can have much better games if we had them spread out to separate the regions.
  10. That is why it is a message board.
  11. the number 1 pound for pound wrestler in the state this season is Noah Horst! Think about it... IF Noah was same weight as any of them I believe he wins that match.
  12. i believe it will Beech Host Henry County
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