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  1. werazzlin

    Super 32

    With super 32 moving 2 weeks early this year. Beech event will be the week after. OCT 19. We will have both MS and High school Divisions. Coach Roberts
  2. Jeremie Welder. He wants to see the sport grow. He will be an awesome leader for Tn. USA
  3. I have a used 30x30 mat if you still looking. email me at [email protected] for some info
  4. Palmer wins Senior Nationals.
  5. would be awesome if it could be traveling or rotating practice sites.
  6. $1500 to go to fargo plus the qualifications/expenses of state and regional events as well.?? Come on man!
  7. Beech will have fight night on Thursdays 6pm first whistle. March 7 is first one.
  8. Might be before 2008 but I would pick Nic Bundy to win 145. Kid was a monster.
  9. IF this happens Beech will be small school division.
  10. suppose to be 2 new AAA district 11 teams for next year. Gallatin and Green Hill. So the sport is growing.
  11. Region 6 has the most medalist for second year in row.
  12. I would love to know the answer to all of these. But , number 2 is interesting as we cannot even see the match archived.
  13. I would like to see mats spread out on the floor with awards stands in middle. Notice I said stands. If we are gonna have 4 divisions in the venue we need 4 podiums. That will make us not have to stay for 2 hours for awards.
  14. Here are the seeds for region 6 106 Mercante- wilson, Mann-kenwood, Adorno-northwest, Palmer-beech 113 Borders-wilson, Shires-rossview, Mesimer-beech, Potter-clarksville 120 Clemmons-lebanon, Fetters-wilson, Entwistle-westcreek, Moore-northwest 126 Palmer-beech, Fisak-wilson, Moore-rossview, taconelli-Hendersonville 132 Isbell-Clarksville, Williams-rossview, Belcher-wilson, Guinn-west creek 138 Castillo-clarksville, Fort-wilson, Henry-mt juliet, Barfield-rossview 145 Pergande-wilson, Slight-west creek, key-mont. Central, Bannister-kenwood 152 Herron-beech, Medrano-northeast, seeber-clarksville, pyron-wilson 160 Brown-lebanon, brewer-hendersonville, stone-wilson, hulsey-beech 170 Quinn-mt juliet, Smith-clarksville, Giulsby-northeast, rich-beech 182 Palmeri-northwest, smith-clarksville, smith-mt juliet, scalera-beech 195 williams-clarksville, clemmoms-lebanon, Mirane-hendersonville, wilson-rossview 220 Cunningham-hendersonville, McMillan-rossview, Richardson-central, White-beech 285 Kramer-wilson, Hamblin-Hendersonville, pugh-west creek, Nelms-lebanon
  15. Clarksville High School is Hosting Region Duals. Weigh in 5pm Wrestle at 6pm Round 1 Clarksville/Beech Wilson Central/Rossview Winners punch tickets to the State Tournament. Region Final after round 1
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