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  1. My only comment on the game is that it was a pitiful job of attendance by the Tullahoma fans....but I guess that is to be expected because once it gets cool one day everyone stays home. Tullahoma let its players and coaches down!!!!!!!!!!
  2. volball5150

    Why No Band?

    Is everyone suppossed to be PC and ask questions in a nice way. Sorry, if I have a question or comment I ask it. Tough luck if you are offended by it. I am not here to make sure no one gets offended.
  3. volball5150

    Why No Band?

    Not a troll. Just putting out a question that was asked by many people at the game on Saturday afternoon. I believe that if you make a committment to be in the band that performs at football games then you should be at those games. Most employers I know, would understand if you had a school committment that you must attend.
  4. Why did the cheerleaders not show up for the conclusion of the Tullahoma game. The Lincoln County girls were tough enough to make the return trip. You would think that the Tullahoma girls could come out of the air conditioning to help support the team. If it wasn't for the football team no one would know that they had a cheerleading squad.
  5. volball5150

    Why No Band?

    Why can the Tullahoma Band not show up for the conclusion of the game on Saturday afternoon. Some of the kids were running the concession stand. If they can do that they need to have their rears in the stands helping the football team. Guess it was just to hot for the wimps....Better yet, don't show up for the rest of the games either. You just get in the way of the football game. SISSIES
  6. Derek must be pretty talented because now the Manchester people (some on here and others I have talked too) are saying oh well he was not that good anyway, he won't ever play, etc. It will break their heart when he is on the winning side of the football field starting next year and lasting for 3 more
  7. You guys are in an uproar a year to early. He will be relegated to the Freshman team (at least until they get done anyway) and won't have a chance to take any meaningful snaps until next year. That is if he can beat out the left-handed sophomore that transferred in from Virginia (I thinK????). And like t-town said who would leave Tullahoma to play for the Raiders anyway.
  8. Probably the same reason he left Shelbyville and Forrest (I think). To my understanding he did not get along with a lot of the other players
  9. I guess he is finally the "star" of a team. I can only imagine this is what he wanted considering he has played at 4 different high schools in 4 years.
  10. There is not a play-in game. Shelbyville gets a first round bye. #2 vs. #7 #3 vs. #6 #4 vs. #5
  11. How many games does he have to miss due to the ejection?
  12. Mjuhb, What is your reasoning for wanting Jeff Taylor fired?
  13. Does anyone know who the assisstant coach is? She looks familiar, but I can't seem to place her!
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