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  1. ImaSavage

    Playoff crowds

    Probably twice as many basketball teams...... all ya need as a gym , shoes, a ball and uniform..... Each football player requires about 500 dollars in equipment..........That’s just starting...
  2. ImaSavage

    Playoff crowds

    Correlates to a dying sport..... I can’t tell you how many guys I played college ball with won’t let their kids play because of CTE..... but that’s just one of many reasons it’s dying....
  3. ImaSavage

    1A All-State

    What in the heck... If they can go anywhere in that division and start and they log productive minutes on the field they should be on the list... why not just add people to the list as athletes ?? ???
  4. Already recruiting for him.... Wingo gonna have to be busy, valley needs three sec size d-lineman, lb’ers and Running backs named Wingo in 15 years.
  5. ImaSavage

    How Whitwell Won The Gold

    Theyre good at what they do, I'm happy they saw the opportunity they had in Whitwell, and stuck around, I'm sure they coulda been paid much more other places to coach.....
  6. ImaSavage

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    I had a coach explain it to me best in college... Simply put, that's why we prepare to put ourselves in positions where you don't give referees the ability to take the game into their hands, because the outcome is never certain. .
  7. ImaSavage

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    what?!?!?! Its a classic wingman post...…… anything over 10 words would disappoint...
  8. ImaSavage

    How Whitwell Won The Gold

    Hmm most all of them I’ve talked too, understand exactly what it is, and I’ve seen many acknowledge this was their best an likely only shot. But I’d have to say the staff and the two you coached seemed to have done a dang good job.
  9. ImaSavage

    How Whitwell Won The Gold

    I agree , the wind was crushing, the FG woulda ended up in hurt feelings..... The last pass looked like it was gonna land perfectly in the back corner of the end zone then looked like it hit a brick wall.
  10. ImaSavage

    Griders 2019 South Pittsburg Pirates

    Why not ? They’ve been a whipping boy since 03 until just a couple years ago....... They deserve all the credit they can get
  11. ImaSavage

    Griders 2019 South Pittsburg Pirates

    I thought that was Tywin Lannister.....Now there’s a man who could coach a football team.
  12. ImaSavage

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    Ya it’s amazing what you can do with two decently healthy ankles.... Petty Is an athlete, definitely an all purpose player, he is not as good as QB as Warner is when Warner is playing his best ball.... and the offense flat out isn’t as good with petty playing Wildcat QB as they are with Warner running the entire offense.... Petty can’t throw the ball to himself. Great example last year vs Trousdale, Whitwell experiencing a similar offensive performance to the one vs Cornersville however they have Holloway at QB and are able to stretch the field throwing the ball, they hit Petty on a post route, he trucks the safety and walks into the end zone...... Whitwell usually gets a couple of those chunk plays like that, a lot of credit to Cornersville for limiting them but the one play that sticks out is Tanner Stewart streaking down the field on a seam route in man coverage totally erasing the corners inside leverage and having nothing but green grass in front of them, only to watch the ball almost take out Cornersville fans.....
  13. ImaSavage

    How Whitwell Won The Gold

    ^ quickly becoming my favorite poster.
  14. ImaSavage

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    You should probably read before you do, the whole 2 td thing was postulated under the idea they were healthy.
  15. ImaSavage

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    In the first half that’s so, in the 2nd the only drive worth anything was the last.