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  1. Nothing to do with anyone on current staff.... Coach Meeks and Coach Hayworth are outstanding guys, I doubt their intentions were to recruit and if I’m wrong Id be seriously surprised......but honestly anyone who understands Grundy county at its core would be foolish to blame them if it were.... GC is probably one of the worst places in the south to grow up from an opportunities standpoint. There is I believe 1 doctor in the whole county... no hospital, no Walmart, very little industrial work, it’s as poverty stricken place as any of the worst places in rural Appalachia and of course small town politics rules the roost... This is a 3a school and yearly only suits 30-40 kids..... it has no middle school, several k-8 schools , and a religious following to their elementary basketball program. The geographical uniqueness of the area doesn’t help the situation any as some kids have to travel 30-40 minutes to the high school. The hurdles a coach at Grundy county has to overcome are enormous for the sole fact that a they have more kids who are focused merely on surviving then the entire valley combined..... The reality of life is , it’s hard to do much in life when you’re thinking about where your next meal comes from....... All that aside , they have enough athletes to be competitive in the valley yearly they just need to 1. Get out of their own way and 2. Use their unique environment to their advantage!
  2. Karma was when the trailer park of a trash coach who cried wolf, didn’t get tenure. This is just gasoline for the dumpster fire. I personally find find it laughable..... considering the circumstances..... Seriously who would want to attend my alma mater, GC over SC ?!?!! Seq has an indoor practice facility, Seq has been to the playoffs in a tough region for years.... Sequatchie offers more academically and athletically.......... That being said , I hope Grundy County is successful going forth.......... however Grundy won’t be successful until the school board decides they’re all representing the name on the front of the jersey and not the name on the back.
  3. They’ve got a couple athletes.... It just depends on if they’ve got anything upfront on either side of the football.....
  4. Probably twice as many basketball teams...... all ya need as a gym , shoes, a ball and uniform..... Each football player requires about 500 dollars in equipment..........That’s just starting...
  5. Correlates to a dying sport..... I can’t tell you how many guys I played college ball with won’t let their kids play because of CTE..... but that’s just one of many reasons it’s dying....
  6. What in the heck... If they can go anywhere in that division and start and they log productive minutes on the field they should be on the list... why not just add people to the list as athletes ?? ???
  7. Already recruiting for him.... Wingo gonna have to be busy, valley needs three sec size d-lineman, lb’ers and Running backs named Wingo in 15 years.
  8. Theyre good at what they do, I'm happy they saw the opportunity they had in Whitwell, and stuck around, I'm sure they coulda been paid much more other places to coach.....
  9. I had a coach explain it to me best in college... Simply put, that's why we prepare to put ourselves in positions where you don't give referees the ability to take the game into their hands, because the outcome is never certain. .
  10. what?!?!?! Its a classic wingman post...…… anything over 10 words would disappoint...
  11. Hmm most all of them I’ve talked too, understand exactly what it is, and I’ve seen many acknowledge this was their best an likely only shot. But I’d have to say the staff and the two you coached seemed to have done a dang good job.
  12. I agree , the wind was crushing, the FG woulda ended up in hurt feelings..... The last pass looked like it was gonna land perfectly in the back corner of the end zone then looked like it hit a brick wall.
  13. Why not ? They’ve been a whipping boy since 03 until just a couple years ago....... They deserve all the credit they can get
  14. I thought that was Tywin Lannister.....Now there’s a man who could coach a football team.
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