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  1. gphstrack


    I think the USJC-Station Camp race will be a good one, too. Last year, Station Camp looked really good and from what I can remember owned the second half of the race. It's not doubt that USJC has a great team based on that 8:11 and some very impressive open 800 performances. Looking forward to seeing the results. It's awesome that the 4x800 in A-AA has become so competitive. That race has always been dominated by AAA and D-II so I'm glad the smaller schools have improved so much. Best of luck to both teams. And CAK, hopefully. GO EAST SECTION!!!!
  2. gphstrack


    Not interesting, AMAZING! I think that USJC is a true testament to what a great distance program can do for a school. While they've been top-notch in cross country for several years, this is only their second year to have a track and field program. The distance runners from USJC were some of the highlights in yesterdays meet. I was also REALLY impressed by Howard's girls in the sprint relays, Banks in all things fast, and the pole vaulter that set the new sectional record. As one of the coaches running the triple jump, I was also impressed by Carrington of Austin East. He was by far the most consistent of all the jumpers and showed one of the best attitudes/sportsmanship in both flights. He definitely deserved the win!
  3. gphstrack


    I thought I'd finally get back in the game. We didn't have anyone qualify for state, so I figured I'd stir up some talk since none of my kids can reap the repercussions! I think that A-AA East will look a lot different next year, especially in the sub-sectionals. With Anderson County, Catholic, and Seymour moving up and teams like Greeneville and Sullivan (Central or South, don't remember off hand) moving down, there will have to be some shuffling. Hopefully, we move to the middle sub-section. Regardless, Chattanooga area will own the sprints and USJC will still annihilate everyone in the distances! Good luck in college, Conig.
  4. gphstrack


    Nice calls, Matt! I would have made the same predictions in the girls 3200, so don't feel so bad. I want to commend all the athletes with amazing marks and performances today and Coach Fingerle and the CCS squad on hosting a great meet! I can't believe there were so many meet records broken and I think it is a huge testament to the strength of the east. This board is dominated by talk of how great the middle section is and I think this may be the year they get a run for their money at state. Best of luck to everyone at state and in all of their future running endeavors.
  5. gphstrack

    The Official A/AA Thread

    According to the TSSAA website, USJC has entered a Track schedule. This should shake up the east considerably in terms of distance. I thought Coniglio could easily cruise back to state this year, but it looks like he will have some stiff competition. However, the best I remember a lot USJC's CC runners play soccer, so that may change things a little. Best of luck to all this season. Even the middle section. I hope your heads don't explode from ego-tripping on this board.
  6. gphstrack

    Official A/AA results and state predictions thread

    several things happened. clabo's hamstring has been bothering him a little, but he was forced to set the pace. everyone went out slow(probably would have been a 10:30 if he hadn't taken charge). clabo knows he doesn't have the best kick in the world, so his only option was to try to wear them down. he couldn't have done anything differently and i'm proud of him for that. congrats to mahaney for having the stronger kick. the 1600 was a little more interesting to watch as everyone went out a little faster. look for a rematch at the music city distance carnival this weekend. congrats to everyone who competed. just making it to state is an honor. you all performed great. this is my last post, so i guess i'll see you guys during cross country. oh, and one last thing. some of you may remember how "elizabethton" was going to win state according to some people who post on here. well, they only scored 10 points. fuqua won the 110s and was disqualified on the 300s due to unsportsmanlike conduct. this is the second tim? during the championship season that i have seen them disqualified for illegal actions. at regionals, a team member came off the field during the 4x400 and tackled a gibbs runner. let's all pray that they become sportsmen over the next year and learn a little humility. happy running.
  7. gphstrack

    Section 1 Schedules

    A-AA - Thursday, 5/10 @ Sullivan North 10:00 - Field Events 10:30 - Girls 3200 (Boys Following) Running Events will run 45 minutes after conclusion of field events beginning with the 100 hurdles.
  8. gphstrack

    Official A/AA results and state predictions thread

    i've been feeding clabo horse feed with a couple of scoops of creatine powder. no, the kid eats ridiculous. the other day after doing about a 12 mile speed workout he went and chowed down on some mexican. i don't know how he does it. he cruised to 800, 1600, and 3200 regional victories and then anchored our 4x400 team with a 54 split. hands down the most exciting race i have ever seen. if anyone was there they will know what i'm talking about.
  9. gphstrack

    THE Great 8

    yeah. they were state times. who cares about the great 8 anyway?
  10. gphstrack

    THE Great 8

    news flash...nobody cares about anything other than the 1600 and 3200! just kidding. here are my predictions...i don't like to do this, especially early, but, why not? 3200: clabo, gphs 110h: fuqua, e-town 4x100: trezevant or mitchell 4x800: lipscomb 100: shiverdecker, alcoa 1600: clabo, gphs 4x200: trezevant 400: anderson, austin-east 300h: fuqua, e-town 800: no predicition here. 200: again, no prediction. 4x400: austin-east lj: williamson, seymour tj: smith, mitchell hj: it's wide open, everyone from last year was a senior. shot: mark brown, fulton discus: kenny jones, austin-east these may be biased, but i'm from the east and i love to see us do well. middle and west always fly under the radar anyway.
  11. gphstrack

    THE Great 8

    i'm on milesplit, but i don't want to share the rankings. coach parks is doing a great job of keeping things current on tennesseerunner.com and i encourage everyone to subscribe to support the site. it's well worth the investment if you are a "trackie". i don't really agree with the rankings system anyway. schools are only ranked based on elite marks, which give a biased idea of what teams are capable of. For example, gatlinburg-pittman was ranked 20th last week because david clabo had the second fastest time in the state in the 1600. are we in the top 20 in the state, realistically? heck no. there is also no breakdown of classifications...which is also skewed. bottom line....who cares about rankings, anyway. it's all about how we do at regionals and who can advance to sectionals and state.
  12. gphstrack

    Elizabethton Track

    coniglio, you just thought your secret was safe with me....i'm vicious. that was by far the greatest mind trick i've ever been tricked by.
  13. gphstrack

    Elizabethton Track

    it's probably coniglio...he played wicked mind games with me during cc season using a login that was gp-something. i don't know about the rest of us, but i'm really tired of the Mc... stuff. the mcdaniels were phenomenal. but give it up, e-town, they're almost juniors in college. you can't still be mcawesome!
  14. gphstrack

    Berry vs. Keveren

    i think he is overrated. just kidding. i'd like to clone abou 46 of him. i agree with ae. 3200 in aaa is going to be sick. i'd even like to go out on a limb and say neither keveren or berry will get the title. they were the cc favorites, but track is a different ball game.
  15. gphstrack

    a/aa high jump

    jeremy jester from gp went 6'0" today at seymour. don't know how this will fare at regionals/sectionals, but it would have done pretty well last year.