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  1. DCurtis with the victory! Nice job. 2nd place, 1 point behind, winner against G on a tiebreaker... not bad for someone who hasn't seen a high school girls soccer game in over 3 years.
  2. Well, anyone want to go through the trouble to adding up the scores?
  3. ND 2 Madison 0 CPA 4 GP 2 CAK 3 HF 1 CCS 9 CCo 0 21 goals. After 1 day. Ballgame. It's already over. G, better hope no one scores the rest of the tournament so we can split the spoils.
  4. ND CPA CAK CCS ND CAK CAK 22 goals. I have a strict "don't pick CCS" rule, in place since the genesis of this competition. It's never failed me. If CCS wins, then I'm extremely happy. If CCS loses, I beat G (assuming the private schools don't hold back on those public schools). Oh, and if CCS wins, then I still probably beat G.
  5. Remember that time G mysteriously came up with all the same picks as me? (I mean, they were pretty good right?)
  6. The rules aren't imperfect. Inferior teams do what they can to try and even the playing field. I wouldn't want to watch ugly, boring soccer all night either. But if it is my only chance to win than I'm probably going to try it come playoff time.
  7. Winners only. Greenville Elizabethton Gatlinburg-Pittman CAK Grace East Hamilton CCS Notre Dame Page Hume Fogg White House Page Fairview Westview Dyersburg Chester Co Madison Next round. Greenville CAK East Hamilton CCS White House Page Westview Madison to State Greenville CAK CCS Notre Dame White House Page Fairview Madison
  8. Let's be serious. Beating you, G, is the only thing that keeps me remotely intrigued in these boards anymore.
  9. He does make a valid point, G. It is time for your annual loss to some runner guy.
  10. I wish. But alas, I haven't failed out of school yet so I'm still masquerading as a runner and an academic in at the only university in Cincinnati that matters, Xavier.
  11. Back from the dead to provide a little insight. Every year we see teams that play little sisters of the poor schools all season long, celebrate getting to state like they actually beat a good team, and proceed to get destroyed by the real contenders. It happens every year. Unless an A/AA team is actually a world beater and has beaten some of the best that the entire state has to offer, the team with the best overall record goes home early quite often. These teams meet someone like a Notre Dame or a CAK and if they try to play like normal and attack, lose by 5 goals. If they bunker (i.e. Page v Centennial) they lose by 3. It's really simple. It has happened every single year I've been following soccer, and it's only gotten worse now that USJ, JCS, FRA, Knox Catholic and company left A/AA. Boise St might have a decent team, but if they had to host teams like Alabama game in and game out, their blue turf would turn crimson. Oh, and I never pick those teams to win at state. You can ask G what my record is against him.
  12. So CHAMPDDS, how come you can't beat me in our annual Golden Goose competition?
  13. CAK scored 2 minutes into the 2nd half and that's the way it ended. CCS 2 CAK 1
  14. 7th minute CCS 2 CAK 0
  15. TSSAA website says Kingsbury 4, East Hamilton 3. Dunno if that is the actual score or if it's with PKs or something. G just texted me saying CCS scored 30 seconds into the game against CAK.
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