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  1. Dyersburg will show up but imo they were way overrated. They are a year away. Playing multiple sophomores and losing middle linebacker and fullback was a massive blow. My heart hurts for #42. He was a beast and his career might be over.
  2. Hard to replace Russell but Dyersburg going to give it a good try with preseason all state sophomore. 6’1 and 250 lbs. He broke every record on the books in middle school and is still growing. He is a beast.
  3. Like I said if Haywood shows up it will not be close.
  4. Haywood is peaking at the right time and “IF” the team that played Dyersburg last week shows up this week it will not be close. The question is can they keep the same focus or will there be a let down. With it being semis and after last year I doubt it. Haywood is senior heavy .
  5. I doubt there is gonna be much smack talk. Everyone knows this is gonna be a good one. Anything can happen in HS football but imo the winner of this one goes to Cookeville.
  6. Dyersburg is fine at running back. The “stud” is not hurt. He usually only carries the ball 5 or 6 times a game because we still have 3 RBs other than him. He is starting LB and leader on defense. The two that we have lost to injuries have left us thin at LB.
  7. I’ll be interested to see how this one turns out. Dyersburg played Northside but I have not seen MC.
  8. Dyersburg has a freshman that could be one of if not the top recruits on this end of the state. Darius Harris 6’1 and 235 lbs. He is the real deal.
  9. It’s evident they have been butt hurt by Dyersburg somewhere along the line. This schedule was made 2 years ago and contains teams who made semifinals last year in 4A and 5A. You can only beat who is put in front of you.
  10. He is # 4. Number 42 is a freshman believe it or not. He will be a big time recruit.
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