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  1. FREE MY2CENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Trust me you do not want to see it. Can not think of a team Smyrna has played in the last 4 years that even compares.
  3. 55 and the other one are all that should have been addressed on this. before they came in they were well on the way of seperating the two teams. from the time the kid got thrown down which drew the flag till 55 came charging into the pile it was 16-18 seconds. still can not figure out why 10 other kids have to be suspended for any length of time. like i said before way to harsh.
  4. Way to harsh a penalty, 2 players should have been dealt with and those are the two that charged the skirmish like rhinos. And 55 was not the one who knocked the Smyrna player into coach Williams it was the second one that charged the pile.
  5. Might want to check date of that Smyrna scrimmage, pads go on Aug.1 so I know it is not July 29. I have scrimmage date as Tuesday Aug.9
  6. No dog in the hunt, just sharing. http://murphyfair.com/2011PreseasonCoachesPolls.html
  7. my2cents


    barring any interference from his father Now that is funny
  8. Bever and Childs called plays, and already had one new assistant during spring but I can not remember his name.
  9. That is why anyone with any sense knows to do it in the 6th grade, surely every parent would know by then if "Johnny" is All-American material or not. No really if you are going to hold em back do it then, no penalties, or threats of, will be held against you.
  10. Brooks - Mt. Juliet Jones - non teaching, probably looking for job to support family Embry - freshman coach, did not coach varsity Platt - freshman coach, did not coach varsity I must be honest, either the coaches that were there during spring practice or the players must be commended, or both because it seemed spring practice went smooth and I would say both scrimmages were a success. This just my opinion and others may have a different view.
  11. my2cents

    School Vouchers

    If it does pass, I could see over about 2 years everyones tuition in Hamilton county for example increase somewhere in the neighborhood of about $4800.
  12. my2cents

    Beech Coaches

    http://www.tennessean.com/article/20110421/GALLATIN02/110421057/2008/GALLATIN02/Beech-softball-goes-back-old-regime Let go with a 20-5-1 record? There has got to be more to this than stability.
  13. As they say lets worry about this year this year. Last year everyone was saying Matt had a bunch of coaches nobody wanted, what a difference a year makes. Good luck to Mark in his new job at Gallatin.
  14. Yep your right no talent at smyrna LOL Think he might be looking for his own future?
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