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  1. https://tssaa.org/article/tssaa-tournaments-suspended
  2. How long has it been since you've drove by there??? Lot's of work has been completed. School will open in 2021 unless there is a MAJOR setback and No I don't think it will hurt D-B. West Ridge will not be a powerhouse. In fact, I'm not sure they will even be competitive. Hope I'm wrong. BTW great job by the Cyclones. Congrats on an awesome season!!
  3. Congratulations to the Betsy Cyclones, staff, fans, coaches and student body! Job well done!
  4. I don't get by coacht too often anymore but I wanted to stop by and say best of luck to Besty! Go Cyclones! Bring it home!
  5. Won't be easy for either...outside of Betsy both teams played yawners inside their perspective conferences.
  6. Fulton is a machine and it will take flawless play by our Rebs to have a chance to pull one out....we've been underestimated a lot of times this year...that's ok! Sure hope it's not 20 degrees next Friday night!
  7. I've kept my mouth shut listening to all this crap spewing from quite a few this week....YOU GOT BEAT>>>DEAL WITH IT!
  8. First off....Betsy your team, fans are a class act! Who would have thought the score would have ended up 28-21 after that first half? I sure didn't. Proud of the Rebels! Way to go big blue!!! Cap1 don't quit your day job!
  9. WHYYYYYYYYY is there a THS fan on this thread anyway? To tell us how predictable South is and to tell us if you just stop the QB option and stay behind the receivers and don't make penalties, and don't let them run the ball and and and and and and.....Cap your stuff is old hat...seems like you've been spewing that same stuff for years but for some reason it just hasn't worked out for you or your team that often....why is that?
  10. South really hasn't played any competition since the THS game. Agreed sshsfan we were missing a very important part of the defense at Bristol. However after watching the JCounty game I am very concerned about our pass defense, db's knowing where the ball is not the rush, but I'm one of those people that is always looking at areas where we could improve. Hope the Rebs come to play and have some fun! Good luck to both sides with no injuries! Sure wish that new stadium was already in place! I hate fighting the traffic there at Brown Childress.
  11. I'm sure they are lawnman but I am referring to South. They haven't impressed me during any game this year. Tonight they look as sharp as I've seen them on both sides of the ball.
  12. Rebels look as sharp tonight as I have seen all year! 42-0 @ half!!
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