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  1. Congratulations Cyclones, team and fans!!! Well deserved! Still work to be done!!! Good Luck! Will be cheering hard for you!!!
  2. Total arse whippin. Sorry our guys couldn't give you a better game. Still lots of respect for what you all have there in Maryville. Best of luck!!
  3. They changed the rules for this particular game. I have pull with the TSSAA!
  4. Temps in the 50's, little to no chance of rain. Should be perfect football weather. The strength of the Wolf is in it's pack!!!!! Let's go Wolves!!!!!!
  5. Sullivan County had their long awaited open house tonight to allow anyone and everyone to tour the facilities. I am even more impressed now that I have seen it in person. I still don't like the track around the field to the football stadium and there are future plans to "finish" the football stadium with additional seating and video board. If I could post pics, I'd share.
  6. Not sure Stars. Most of those older South posters stopped posting a few years back and I haven't heard anything from them in quite a while.
  7. QB was Curt Phillips who went on to Wisconsin. Very kind words Pep....mixed emotions on the closing of the schools but annexation made by Kingsport into the county hurt tremendously. I am excited for not only the sports programs but also the amount of classes and CTE classes that are being offered. The facilities are top notch but I hate the track around the field.
  8. I know you are. I've honestly not ran across a rude Maryville fan. Yes, I was present for the South vs Maryville game. Love the atmosphere there and how close the stands are to the field.
  9. You all are too funny!!! We're keeping communications on private so not to be detected!
  10. Fritz drives us crazy up here in NETN too. Don't hold his lack of knowledge, craziness or whatever you want to call it, against us.
  11. Those of us here the "T" tend to lay fairly low RR....The fan support this year has been great. I would expect there will be a large following in Maryville this Friday. Not sure if the band will make the trip, however I haven't heard they will not be traveling. Forecast looks like good football weather. As far as the game goes, everyone knows the task at hand for the Pack. These Wolves have been told all year long they wont/can't win, from preseason (predicted to go 0-10 or 1-9) to the first playoff game. With that said, I couldn't be more proud of the coaches, players and fans for coming together to support this new school. Nothing but total respect for the program there at Maryville and what they have done and sustained over the years. You guys have done what every single school in TN aspires to be. Praying for a clean game with no injuries and as always GO PACK GO!!!!
  12. Thanks Stars, you're a class act! I was there that fateful night as well. I will never forget. Couldn't be more proud of this group of kids at WR.
  13. Great opportunity for the kids at West Ridge. It will be a monumental task for the Wolves, but you can say that about most teams that play the Red Rebels.
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