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  1. I'd say he will be there for a few years at least. He was blessed with some outstanding athletes but he found a way to bring them together after last year's drama. The only way I see him leaving is if he finds a really good job elsewhere. 6A is a dead end, unless you want to get into it simply for the money. He can coach the next 30 years at Crockett now if he wanted and no one would say a word. If Johnson City kids start seeing the writing on the wall football wise, that would be very interesting for Boone and Crockett prospects into the future. I went back and looked at those scores and Crockett had a debatable state championship squad this year. Who know what would have happened with him coaching two years and this group of guys.
  2. I agree. But I've read you on a lot of threads talking about getting out coached... imagine if you had all 23 of those assistants locked into a program, knowing what their job was on game day, and getting information where it needed to be as quickly as possible for split second decisions. I think that's another part of the differences that we see from programs like Greeneville vs. SH and DB. I'd be willing to bet a big difference in coaching staffs is how well everyone is being utilized on the sideline and in the press box. edit: out coached
  3. 110% agree with you. We used to randomly get transfers in at Boone from SH and DB, but there was a reason that these kids left: discipline issues attitude issues etc. I don't see a place the Kingsport kids will be going to if they wanted football success... except maybe exit 4 here in a few years. I'm really glad that Coach Chandley has had a successful year. No one can argue that he was blessed to have some amazing athletes, but he set his program up well. The Knox Central game will be one to see. I have no idea what is going on out in West TN, but is it wrong to think that Knox Central Catholic and Crockett are the three top contenders for the state championship right now? Granted I think Crockett has the athletes to play with Central, but it all comes down to them being disciplined for four quarters. Knox Central's coach has a program that is ready to go all the way to the state championship in December.
  4. Just to add one more thing about coaching, I don't know what it looks like on the sidelines and in the press box of a DB or a SH game, but I can tell you what it looks like on a Greeneville sideline. You have 8 coaches on headsets on top of the press box, you have 8 coaches with headsets on the sideline. 16 coaches helps out. They have hudl sideline (film immediately goes from the press box to the sideline) and an end zone system that also gives their coaching staff an end zone view. That's crazy to me, I can't remember having more than 6-8 coaches on staff in total when I was playing ball.
  5. Consistently the Greeneville and Maryville teams that show up are so outstandingly good that the hot beds don't matter. I agree with you that the majority of your kids go through a little league to high school program and know what is what, that's fine. But I guarantee that if we had the eyes to see everything that when kids go from 8th grade to 9th grade, we would find that you have more kid who are outstanding athletes transferring into schools. I've already had conversations with people about how the best football athletes in Greene County consistently transfer into Greeneville their 9th grade year, and I can't blame them. Alcoa and Maryville, I'm sure, have had enough transfers from killer Knoxville kids as they go into high school that yeah, there is a reason that you have good teams. The only reason, no, but it is definitely something that helps. How many Happy Valley and Hampton kids go to Elizabethton? It helps, and good coaching helps. I think it would take 10 years for a DB or SH to do something like that. If they haven't (I'm sure they haven't) then yeah, no chance, but you can also say that DB and SH do not get those county transfers like they used to get. It makes a difference.
  6. As of right now, the head job at West Ridge will be the South head coach moving up. They aren't going to go out and hire a "real coach" because they want a teacher/coach. West Ridge has its own problems in the fact that they don't even have enough money to complete the school, so don't be surprised if you hear about games being played at Central or South until they find a way to build a turf stadium for the new school and send some grass seed over to East and forget they exist in the county. It's a cluster.
  7. Dang, I didn't know that until you mentioned it. I've been to a couple of games where I have seen Carter argue and argue and argue for 5-10 minutes and never get flagged or tossed. I get he wants to fight for his team which is fine, but apparently he's just lost his mind if that is going on. Science Hill isn't a hot bed. DB isn't a hot bed. In football, basketball, and baseball those 6A - AAA schools aren't even chipping away on the state level anymore. It'll be interesting to see if Boone or Crockett get some transfers next year. Forget 6A.
  8. 6A schools up here in two years (DB, SH, and West Ridge) will all get to be part of the glorious repeated process of playing 10 games, making it into the post season, and getting beat by Maryville eventually. This process will continue for another 20 years. 6A is a dead end. Nothing indicates any difference. Honestly surprised that more city kids don't see the writing on the wall and try to get into Elizabethton, Greeneville, or the two Wa Co schools.
  9. Nothing against Crockett, but I just see those Central kids being more dicsiolinrf because they’ve been in the program for years. I think Crockett has the athletes to keep up, just execution. Proud of the Blazers to make it back to round 2.
  10. well, Crockett already has the Chandley High School up for a rename so I am sure that will be confirmed post season (sarcasm). I did not think the game would be this dominate. As for next wekk, Crockett has the athletes to play with Central but it all comes down to which team is more disciplined. Either way, 12-0 as a first year coach.... that’s just a great great Hire and some outstanding kids getting the job done. Couldn’t be happier for Crockett. Hmm I wonder if those Science Hill kids will figure out that 6A is a dead end and travel 10 minutes down the road next year.
  11. Crockett rolls to 1st and 2nd round wins, third round is the big bump. Crockett is renamed HC High school, and a winning tradition begins. i think Boone rolls in the 1st round
  12. Officially it is still opening for the 2020-2021 school year. I am guessing that it'll get pushed back one year (no telling how much money will be owed because now North will not be sold yet.... I guess North kids will be going to South for 1 year) and the middle school hasn't even begun construction and it is supposed to open this August. No way that is happening.
  13. Why is the sky always falling in Kingsport?
  14. I think NET Pigskin posted one of the last plays where a young Crockett athlete absolutely gets through the line and puts the should to Cole. Really really looks good on the angle they have. Crockett has a lot of positives to build on even if they are losing some of their talent next year. I'd say they have a great shot at repeat conference championships, with Boone and TN High in the hunt as well. Region 1 has got to do a better job representing in the playoffs. Last year was flat out embarrassing.
  15. The TSSAA is pretty black and white on situations such as these and they stick to their guns. If you play an intelligible player, even if it is a clerical error, you will be paying some fines, forfeiting some games, and paying the consequences. School administrations, athletic directors, and coaches are the ones who have to follow up on that stuff for all players. It's their jobs. If they are not doing their jobs, then that is a place where parents and community members need to voice their concerns to a school or director of schools. It's that simple. If you have teams that have found ways around the rules, then it is just that, they found ways around the rules and a player is fine to play. If you go into the bylaws and rules on the TSSAA website, they have it all laid out what will happen. There is nothing in the laws about parents having to pay a fine. You have a school that agreed to play by the TSSAA rules, so they are the ones that have to pay the consequences. Great question by the way.
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