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  1. Remember those days. The Purple Panthers had good talent AND good coaching. Wish it were true for GB...(where y'at LBD > )
  2. Moved on, but... The fact that you quoted Rick Pitino...that 'great' charactered coach...tells me all I need to know. *Please keep in mind that we're all just givin' opinions here. ...and BTW, you only mentioned more 'kinfolk,' pretty much, that I referenced earlier. Surely, you can do better...
  3. Look, this ain't about the players. Unfortunately, it's about the petty powers above them. GB has been blessed with some phenomenal athletes over the last 10+ years, but only one or two teams had the potential to be State Champions and, in my opinion, they blew it because of coaching. This 'regime' plays head games with certain players and if you ain't in the 'clique,' you out! Sad but true. Seen it too many times with too many players.
  4. You ain't no 'commissioner,' but you could be a politician...to say something like this...AHHH-HAAA !!!
  5. The better coach and team won...bottom line. GB needs...and has needed for a long time...to clean house and inject some new blood in the coaching ranks.
  6. It ain't just GB vs. SF. It's Dustin vs. Kirk...and Dustin is WAY better! Shoulda been GB's head coach a long time ago and they woulda won WAY more. And if he stays, the Yellow Jackets will eventually become a team to be reckoned with again. Everybody talks about GB's philosophy of being a runnin' offense, primarily. In my opinion, they've always ran when they shoulda passed and vice versa...leavin' us 'coaches in the stands' scratching our heads! They got 15 dudes...ALL of whom are kin, I think ( )...wearing headsets, but none of 'em will say anything or suggest something different. Sadly, if they don't come out strong and score early and often, DWil will adjust and beat the crap outta the 'Cats. Just sayin'...
  7. GP has always been accused of 'recruiting' in various sports and that their fans/parents are pompous, holier than Thou and don't necessarily act Christian. But, I personally know that MOST of the outstanding athletes there attended before 8th grade OR their parents wanted them in that particular environment and obviously made the $acrifice. Recruitment/inducement may be offered...I don't know about every student. However, years later, our (non-Church of Christ) experience was a good one and I'd say it was money well-spent for my child.
  8. Sadly, that seems to be the case, but 15 years ago wasn't even that good. More like 5-10 w/ the 2005 to 2010/11 classes. Those were LOADED and RICH w/ talent!
  9. I believe they will be good, too, but, according to the T$$AA, unless there's a minimum 20% change in enrollment, there's no district moves coming until after 2017. Regardless, the road will have to pass thru CPA eventually...or not, if they don't make it...and playing against 'invited' (i.e., recruited, enticed, etc.) players is a different level than Heritage and Harpeth, I assure you. Braxton Blackwell and his boy Tygar (an 8th grader ) don't play dat...
  10. Classy win by them last night. Of course, we were on the losing end, but they played hard, smart and with respect for our guys, the obvious lesser team. I HATE losing, but appreciate the way they played.
  11. Not surprised by this at all. Petrone though... Thomas Thurman is a baller! He's also quicker than a cat and the ball can't even keep up sometimes...
  12. GB stumbled again...after having the upset in the bag at Heritage. Guess what lost it for 'em? FTs....even though I heard somebody say watching their offense was like watchin' paint dry. What ever play '32' is, well, it ain't workin'...unless your TRYIN' to turn it over. Heck, their next W may be next year or the next or...
  13. Greenbrier hit an all-time low tonight against Springfield: No game plan, no hustle, played scared, couldn't shoot (most got blocked or didn't even touch rim), couldn't make FTs (that's been an Achilles all year, too), 'that big guy' quit...earlier this week, fans left at halftime, coach promotes mediocrity and appears to have checked out before the season even began and we won't play again until 2015 (translation: NO Christmas tournament participation...which, considering the circumstances, might be a good thing; but, who knew?). LOL!...that sounds like the ingredients to a good country song, don't it? Heck, I wouldn't even practice. That's how bad it is. Can you say EMBARRASSING? Well, I can and am. UNbelievable that a team's confidence is non-existent before the season midpoint. BUT, where's the accountability? Unfortunately, there is none. And I'm mad about having to pay to get in. They should refund all of our money for making us sit thru the misery. I even told a parent that the T$$AA should sanction the school for putting such a poor team on the floor and the administration should be removed for not terminating and replacing the coaching staff. Springfield's student section yelled, 'just like football!'...and I told one of them after the game, you should've said, 'WORSE than football!' Bring on the spring sports...sadly...and turn out the lights, Dandy Don. This party is OVER! I know, I know...another rant by a sour fan. Please forgive me and Merry Christmas to all!!
  14. Yep, only one!...and it's embarrassing for all involved!! Been around this town for years and don't really remember when or if basketball was ever a big deal. In my opinion, that's what happens when the coaches don't coach, the principal doesn't hold the stipend payees accountable and the players don't play hard and aren't dedicated...there's no passion. The team isn't entered into any pre-season scrimmages OR Holiday tournaments...so they can get better and make that district tourney run in January and February...and, therefore, you have no 'program.' The current girls coach tried to build one at the middle school a few years back...and was successful with probably the best class of pure basketball players in history, but the political/educational naysayer/back-stabbers didn't like him and he could only take so much, so he quit. GHS hasn't had a real program in years because nobody seems to care about this sport. Instead, we have a bunch of quasi-administrative nerds in charge that are apathetic and always seem to find a way to cowardly get rid of qualified and competent people...and keep the unqualified and incompetent. Right now, our gym is just a place for parents and the dedicated few to hang out on regular Tuesday and Friday game nights. And, again, it's just pitiful to see, really. Our children deserve better leadership. (Please NOTE: We have an AWESOME dance team and I'd say it's worth the price of admission just to see them perform; they're VERY entertaining!) The team has some talent and b'ball IQ (not on the level of Craig Bradshaw, who was smarter and wiser than your average homegrown/hometown stud and the best player to EVER come out of here), but nobody's making it synergize on the game floor. The worst part is that we're flat-out getting beat by less-talented teams. That's the REAL shame! My truthful 2¢. Sorry for the rant.
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