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  1. That is three years in a row that South has had to travel to Chattanooga , the two years before was Chattanooga Central the first year an L the second a W. It is just the curse of this conference. I just think that region is very weak compared to Region 1. I will say East Hamilton was the best team in the three years, but it is just not the same as Region 1. Swipes is correct
  2. I think you can put Sullivan South close to the top ten this year. They just so happen to be in the same confrence as Greenville, and Betsy. I think they will better than expected . This could be the last year of the school forever.
  3. Rebels have nothing to lose, nobody is going to give them a shot and they have no pressure, senior o-line and running back and young QB and WR's.
  4. It will be a tough game for South, but you never know. We are very predictable on offense so, Reed until it is stopped , to be honest we did not throw to the tight end at all vs East Hamilton. Two young So WR will have to make a play or two if we get shut down on the run.
  5. There were several bad calls both ways from what I could see , The obvious pass interference that was not called was a big hit to South , everybody could see that plain as day .
  6. It was a great game for the Rebels last night , I am sure everyone is picking Betsy. Nobody but EHSTRACK06 even gave South a chance against East Hamilton. The first half against East Hamilton we lined up and ran the ball in the big formation and like every other good team we have played East Hamilton made adjustments and slowed it down . That won’t work against Betsy , they will stop it a lot quicker . Hope the Rebels come and play hard Friday .
  7. Plus Tennessee High . In my opinion the best team I have seen this year. It all depends on which team shows up for South and if we open it up just a little to throw to the two young WR's.
  8. That is a long trip for us, but it was a long trip Chattanooga Central last year. I really don't know who will show up for South. The team that played really well against Betsy ( of course they played terrible or so they will tell you) or the team that got killed by Tennessee High. Tennessee High in my opinion is the best team we played all year.
  9. I really would like to see South comeback to Betsy and play them with a 100% healthy Reed at RB, who is/or was still the leading rusher in the area and being able to pass to a healthy WR8 (who went out in the third quarter) . I know ,I know everybody is going to say oh Betsy played bad, but the South defense played good against them I don't care what you say.
  10. The Rebels just about pulled the upset on the Cyclones. :P  

    1. blazer1set


      Yeah, too bad, would love to have seen it.

  11. South played really well last night , I expect us to line it up and run it every play . The opened it up a bit . They are young at the skill positions with only one senior at running back and he it the leading rusher in the area and you could tell he was still hurt last night. Lots of holding penalties not called on Betsy , but that is just the way it is sometimes. Young players are getting better for South . Some very nice cyclone fans were saying some very nice things about South last night at the game . They said that South outplayed them in a lot of aspects. To many missed opportunities.
  12. I am with you. I don't know who the most dominant team in AA is this year, Anderson County is not dominant neither is Sullivan South, but if you want to see dominance in East Tennessee in the pastit is Sullivan South 31 out of 40 years they have been to the State . Five time state champs three state runner ups . Three AAA state titles two AA state titles. Coach hooks had over 900 wins ,and coach Ratliff is close to 800. Looks like two hall of fame coaches from one school!!!! South had a rough year to start and has come on late. I really don't remember Anderson County except when they came to South that one year for sub state, maybe they were dominant in the 90's not sure.
  13. 60-0 Betsy over South and I have a kid on South. It will be the same as Greeneville. South will try and run, then when that don't work we will just throw it up in the air . Over by halftime
  14. Greenville is good , if they have a week spot it is there secondary . If South would have started working on the passing before tonight, we could have moved it a bit better . 11 attempts tonight might have been more passes than the rest of the games combined!!! Not that it would have mattered, South would not have ever stopped them on defense. The one kid had two pass interferences because he was beat both times for Greenville The o-line for South was pushed around all night so no running game . That being said they beat Betsy by 30 .
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