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  1. Well I don"t think 91 will pop up on the scoreboard lol , but Central will throw it some. The last team that we had to defend a bunch of passes against was Cherokee and we lost 32-30. Heck we might even try to throw it once or twice !!!!!
  2. I don’t think there is anybody other than me from South on coacht , not sure if anybody from central is on here either . South 35 Central 7
  3. Thanks for the reply !! Yes I think it is key game for South as well. We have a really tough schedule this year , big mix of young skill positions with a older line. I think it is starting to come together for our group.
  4. I know Gate City has been playing good, I think the series 9-1 South in the last ten years. I expect this to be a good game.
  5. That was not what I was expecting from South.  Just plain awful !!!!!   I new we would not throw much , but wow!!!! My son had one catch for 9 YARDS!!!!!!   Way to many turn overs !!!!!!    Long season ahead !!!!!

    1. blazer1set


      The game was much closer than the final score, South gift-wrapped and gave away 2 TD's.     South will have their hands full with Greeneville and Elizabethton, but otherwise should win out.      And I would LOVE to see one or both of the aforementioned opponents take a big "L" to the Rebels!

  6. I guess Sullivan County is not in the Tri-Cities or East Tennessee !!!!!
  7. Yes it is. I can't get a direct answer from anybody about how bad he is hurt. I just hear he will more than likely be back by the first game.
  8. I think they will be solid, as we all know it only takes a few guys getting hurt and that could change. I am just a bleacher dad so what I get from my son is "OK" "FINE" "YES" and "NO" anytime I ask a question LOL.
  9. number 1 running back got hurt in the Science Hill Scrimmage. Not sure if he will be back by the Boone game or not. Besides him, I don't think anything to big.
  10. It might be a change who knows my schedule has volunteer this week Science Hill Next week North the last week
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