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  1. I would have liked to see that kid at South for one year not Besty, but oh well.
  2. I hope you are correct ..... You just never know, they are high school kids so every day is different, but I liked what I have seen. It might not be the typical spread offense, we did not run it until mine went in at QB late.
  3. South plays all of those teams as well..... two of them of course being conference games.
  4. LOL I did not say that. I was just pointing out what I thought was there strength at this point. Who knows by Fall. I think they will surprise some people this year.
  5. My Son goes there and wife teaches and coaches Volleyball . So yes lol Looks to be a good a group of running backs plenty of depth and a big line the all-state lineman is a senior this year. Still working some other things out I think. My son is a Sophmore WR/QB
  6. I thinks South will be better than last year. Not sure they will be at the same level at Greeneville or Betsy , but I think you might be surprised.
  7. DB is not glad !!! They should have grabbed North, Central and Volunteer for the next two years .
  8. I want to go and find some Haywood film and watch , but I still say 21 is the key for Greenville in a close game if it is close. He will take your head off if you let him lol. I only got to see Greenville against South twice and Anderson County . My son just got to start basketball last week because of the last South / Greenville game !!!
  9. 21 in my opinion is the best player on the field for Greenville, but you can jam up on all of the receivers like South triedand let 2 run all night long or you can try and stop the run and let them throw the bubble screen to 11 and down the field to 21. Pick your poison. I thought Anderson County would give them a game but boy was I wrong . The only excitement was the cheesy pre game firework show . Good luck !!!
  10. I have not seen Anderson County play so what does there oline look like ? I don’t want a cow fan to say they are the best in the world and I don’t want a devil fan to say they are the worst in East Tennessee. I want an honest opinion.
  11. Yes, the new school thing did not go over well, but unlike Greene county our commissioners did not listen to the public and passed it . It has already been delayed one year. The funny thing is I live closer to the new school than South lol !!! My son #8 got a dang concussion last night in the first half ...... ugggg . Greenville is good as we all know, but I think the Anderson County -Greenville game will be a good game . Think I might make the trip .
  12. My son is a freshman on Sullivan South's team and I know how good Greenville is and I would think they will win the state again. I am not going to say anything negative about Greenville, Besty, or Anderson County, but not to long ago we beat both Greenville and Besty, so congrats on good teams this year. South just happens to be the third place team in a really good group. I do think if Anderson County can run the ball against Betsy they will have a really good chance in the game. South will not be a bad team next year as well. Good Luck!!
  13. The same place UCF bought there National Championship trophy's last year.
  14. Blind Draw LOL the two Kingsport teams AA South and AAA DB draw Portland and Brentwood. It looks a bit funny if you ask me.
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