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  1. four quarters...what happens during those four quarters is all that matters. who cares which coach left what state championship contender, and who cares which schoo has offered some team's all-purpose back. if games were decided by scholarship offers and overall talent, white kids would quit. jpII had a chance to see what AAA is all about. wait until they play mus, mccallie, baylor, mba, and ba every single year.....that one player BS will end and they will have to dig into the depths of SUMNER freaking county to find their next BCS conference caliber player.....HAH go AAA what what
  2. recruiting aside(Brentwood Academy and Calrton Flatt), Division II AAA is plain and simple the best football in the state and riverdale was apparently outcoached(wing freaking Thahahahahhahaha) and out-performed by mccallie. go blue tornadoes, represent the real football schools. but screw BA, even though they represented as well, they f'ed high school football up in TN for the rest of my lifetime.
  3. yes, becker has a fine family itsme. good job BA for winning this game. 24-0 against the williamson county schools is quite possibly one of the best streaks in all of sports, regardless of the level at which said sport is being played. twenty dollars says mba hammers ba this year though....any takers. go mccallie, father ryan, ba, and mba tomorrow for taking out TRINITY. oh by the way, mus beat freaking melrose. come on christian brothers, do something significant.
  4. The main focus was not to play the best players the whole time and win the game by a lot. Rather, Arena said he'd rather watch players compete against their team mates and see who rises above the others. Getting people experience is the most important thing. My dad played lacrosse at UVA and was coached by Bruce Arena and offered this explanation post game.
  5. Martin went in the 5th round to the Packers. They have drafted heavy on defense and added a sleeper receiver as well.
  6. most complex math problems solved in under an hour would have to be the MBA coach too
  7. tomorrow....AC Milan vs FC Barcelona....you shall see Eto'o, Deco, and Ronaldinho all score on Dida. Yet Ronaldinho will do it with the most ease. Wednesday, 1:30CT Arsenal vs Villareal for those with ESPN2. I wish they were showing the AC Milan vs Barcelona game tomorrow but it is only on Espn deportes....guess I'll be listening to it in espanol I got a new dog, eight month old rotweiler....his name is Eto'o. So easy to say and sounds so darn cool.
  8. yeah pretty sure doug would confescate a finger for their kind of hit. either that or issue a three minute non releasable penalty for "maiming"....he has done it before
  9. With a new football stadium in the works at MBA, is Tommy Owen going to become the new lacrosse/soccer stadium? Ravenwood's players deserved this win. Any time I have ever been to watch Summer League games RHS players outnumbered any other schools' boys. Not surprising either after how close MBA played RHS last year, although I did hear a rumor about several MBA players being drunk during that game haha
  10. I would say that more than one billion people know about and/or pursue competive soccer games, whether it be in corn fields in Mexico/India or across Europe and on in to Russia. TN high school soccer is weak compared to areas like NC, TX, FL, CA, IL, MI... that being said, Ronaldinho can dribble anyone he wants whenever the heck he wants to. Robinho/Eto'o/Kaka/Adriano/Crespo/Henry/Del Piero/Lampard/Nedved.....the man is head and shoulders above every single one of them. The list goes on and on and on and on and the fact is that no one on that growing list is better. The man is absolutely born to play soccer. Brazilians believe they are born with a rhytmic aspect that enables them to control their body easily, it is called Ginga. All those guys I listed have "ginga" but Ronaldinho is the only player in the world that if he has the ball you better have snipers in the crowd ready to pull the trigger before he does. The ignorance on this board is overwhelming, but for a person from middle TN I am used to it and I feel redeemed after watching 11/19/2005 yield the single greatest day of my life: Tennessee 24 Vanderbilt 28. The attitude bringing down the treasured/cherished Vol program is aparent here and your arrogance will bring you down harshly if you are ever on the same field/court as Ronaldinho because the man will cause you to tear your ACL just attempting to stay with him.
  11. gave up 6 home runs tonight in 3.1 innings in his start for the texas rangers. yes that is right, the detroit tigers hit six home runs off of him
  12. cut it out

    Freddy Adu

    Speaking of Messi, is he going to be able to play in the second leg vs Bienfica? A scoreless draw in the first leg is bad for Barca, especially since they were the away team. If they tie 1-1 in Barca then Bienfica moves on... Puyol is back so Messi may not even matter. Ronaldinho's new commercial is sick The MBA goalie from last year played against Adu and had a couple balls get by him. However the best young player in the country is Indiana University freshman Lee Ngyuen, player of the year last year. He was Big Ten freshman of the year and signed on with PSV Eindover(spelling?)....the same team as DeMarcus Beasley. Adu would be in Europe right now if he were THE truth. No matter how good you are in America, it does not compare to the top three or four percent of youth talent in European Academies.
  13. cut it out

    Week 3 Scores

    would have loved to see the mus cbhs game
  14. cbhs made huge strides last year....did they lose their goal keeper? ravenwood is a team that will require 100 percent from every team thery play this season.
  15. Snyder vs Bateman would be a cool matchup. Better than Morales v Carn-dog
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