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  1. You batted 500 ORcat! 1] The CATPACK nation has never said anything negative about the GREAT WILDCAT program. WRONG 2]The CATPACK nation has run down 2 coaches who, thank all goodness, are gone this year. RIGHT! I agree with CATPACK who represents many former players and boosters. I have been to several of their meetings and they have the players come first, community next, coaches last mentality. As the T-shirts say CATPACK stands for: Community Against The Poor Athletic Coaching of Kids
  2. I'm waiting on TankTalk to give us the thumbs up when it is truly official. Tank??
  3. Is he going to roast Bruce? That would be too funny. And hard to believe.
  4. 1972 Tennessee High from Bristol State and national champions With out a boubt.
  5. Your kids will love Coach Gaddis....please post the supers' e-mail address
  6. Now that all of this all but over: Let's get behind Coach Gaddis and the program and start winning some championships. With out the negativity of bruce on staff it will happen Roll Cats!
  7. Oak Ridge ended up with a terrible choice for a head coach last time with Bruce. So the Cats won a few games inspite of him most in the city could not stand his arrogance. He was hired because the AD who was finished and a super leaving thought it was his turn. PLEASE Wake up guys....HIRE THE RIGHT COACH with votes from people who are going to stay here. Take Green off of the committee.
  8. catwatch

    Oak Ridge

    boorelly, remember UT knew Buzz was on thin ice and the ball was already rolling. Oak Ridge had no idea there was going to be an opening. shaggnasty.......I'm with you on Emory, Chick and Paul. That would be a riot!
  9. catwatch

    Oak Ridge

    bigpapa bigpapa bigpapa bigpapa bigpapa bigpapa bigpapa bigpapa bigpapa, I really feel sorry for you. Being such an ignorant, misinformed, loser must weigh on you. I can see you don't know who I am or Catpack either. I'm not totally sure who Catscratch is but I have a good idea, but I doubt you know them either. But as for Catpack and myself neither of us had a son or "daughter" who had a career that fizzeled. So get a spoon bigpapa!
  10. catwatch

    Oak Ridge

    BiggieEarl01...........Gray has less chance of becoming the head coach at Oak Ridge as Holmes does becoming the heavyweight champion.
  11. catwatch

    Oak Ridge

    papatj........ if you don't care who gets the job why are you wasting your time and ours being in the discussion? For the rest of us we Do care.
  12. Word is Baylor coach David Bibee was the coach that withdrew after getting a raise to stay put.
  13. catwatch

    Oak Ridge

    Ron does not deserve the job period. The only thing he does consistantly is blow smoke telling every player the same jive about how much they are going to play. If he can't get a play in time how can he run the winningist program in the state and top 30 in the country?...........GIVE US A BREAK!
  14. Chuck only knows..............
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