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  1. well some say they leave because they want to play for state championships, and others have left for various reasons, can someone please pinpoint it
  2. Im confused, are you saying that WB coaches play the kids whose parents are part of the booster club over a player that may be better at a position? If so please tell me who?
  3. 1st part isn't true because the coach is part of the team. 2nd part yes I believe the next coach needs to be and will be young and full of energy , I think that's the way to try and win the kids and parents over. WB doesn't need to recruit they just need to keep their own kids together from a young age Could u imagine this team that won 4 games if they had all the kids that plays at WB middle together, very good chance they would have went 9-1
  4. WB beat Cleveland and put themselves in position to get in the playoffs, you keep trying to take this away from the kids man, you are just another clown on coach T
  5. William Blount started 8 new guys on D and 8 new guys on Offense. Only one player had a varsity catch coming into this season. They will return 7 staters on D and 7 on O. You continue to bash the coach and make comments about him not being very good, but you do know he has won 2 state titles in the highest classification in the state, WB hasn't earned a playoff spot in 12 years, things are at least looking like they are heading in a better direction. Now don't get me wrong if this team starts regressing going forward then I would say you may have some valid points but right now I don't think you do
  6. Programs stuck in the 70s don’t understand all the good live streaming does for the school. Their are facts to back it up
  7. We joined NFHS last year so we could broadcast all WB athletics regular and post season games. However DB has said they do not allow regular season or post season streaming. NFHS and DB have been in a fight all week. DB won. We will audio stream the game for free on govnationnetwork.com and our Facebook page. Go govs!!!
  8. Not sure you can force players to go if they don’t want to...And if you could what type of effort are you gonna get from someone who doesn’t wanna be there compared to a younger player that will give full effort ?
  9. I agree WB is awful... just keep thinking that Trust me ive seen some awful teams come through and this team isn't world beaters but they play with heart and have been in every game til the end except for MHS 10-10 in 1 quarter vs Alcoa starters 7-0 vs MHS at the end of 1 Q 7-17 driving against Ooltewah in the 4th and gave up 2 late defensive tds against Sevier co up 9 points late and then missed extra point that would have won the game up 17-10 on Elizabethton with 9 mins left they were facing 3rd and 20 and end up giving up bomb plus 2 pick 6 to lose by 14
  10. I was always told I had face for radio, maybe this audio only thing is for a reason...
  11. Oak Ridge last year in girl region tournament was only other time, but during a regular season game, NEVER
  12. Looks as if McMinn Co doesn't want live video streaming of the game. We will carry an audio only broadcast on Govnationnetwork.com. If something changes check the facebook page or the website and we will update
  13. yes sir, Scott West said to make sure the shorts stay on ...lol
  14. Well its game day and a pretty big game for both teams. Feels like the winner of this game will have a nice shot at a top 4 spot. WB is 3-8 all time vs the owls and a bunch of those were classics. 2005 would be my favorite when the owls came in undefeated and ranked 4th in the state. Wall hits Groover in the back of the endzone with 40 secs left to win 21-28 This years WB team looks to have a much improved running game and hopefully that can be the difference tonight. Channel 10 news 2 will be broadcasting the game or as always you can catch the govs games on Govnationnetwork.com Also special entertainment at halftime as I will be racing 4 WB students and possibly making a fool out of myself
  15. So what’s you stance on the Maryville fight song they sing after touchdowns? It seems pretty classy ..
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