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  1. I’m not sure if you have been paying attention or if you are just new,but nobody has stood up for shad on here like I have. So you can change your greeting and take my name off there..
  2. Sweet, we can finally close the books on who is Shadroach...
  3. You make (some) good points as always, but you are out of touch with a lot of what is going on here. Coaching quality/ losing season in 6A: So we have 3 state championship caliber teams year in and year out in this town and you just expect this small of a town (130K) to fill 5 state competitive rosters. ( I'm sure yall are gonna say greenback is loudon county ..ok) Heritage hasn't had a winning record in the top classification since I was in 8th grade (1999), they hired a state champion coach in hammontree, his quality of coaching must be bad... WB history: I was told we were awful back in the 80s and then as I went through we had some teams make it 2 rounds deep in the playoffs but nothing great , so then we hire a guy who won 2 state championships in the highest classification in Tennessee, that sounds like a terrible idea, so I question your statement on the quality of the coaching.
  4. WB offseason seems to be eventful again, but the boards still seem to be the same. Coach and player bashing, Greenback recruiting players, and Shadroach being his classy self. Wb is at a time right now where they can use some help and support and you being so close to the program and being so knowledgeable you could be the help the program needs. Instead you make personal attacks on the coaches and players, I just don't get it..
  5. classy as always you two, keep up the good work...
  6. WB found the last opponent to fill their schedule for next year.. The team is ranked in the top 5 in their class just about every year..
  7. Sugden is back and will split carries with Harris, and looks like leading WR Brett Boling will be out . live stream truthradio.tv
  8. WB can still get in but it looks to be either the 3 seed or odd man out 5 seed in the 3 way tiebreaker.. to get the 3 1. must win vs Bradley (that alone will be hard) 2. mhs must beat Bradley (that's a lock) 3. Cleveland has to lose to both McMinn and Ooltewah (don't see that happening)
  9. Yes it was, I agree with you. I thought early it looked like a possible win, but as the season played out it wasn't looking like the Govs would win.. Now we are big McMinn co fans for the Cleveland game..
  10. It was a clear attempt to onside kick, and kicked it as hard as he could in the direction of the front line but it was a mishit and went to high but did hit a player in the second line...
  11. Mr. Hammer, now are you the one to pass judgment here? You are one of many WB grads to send kids to the other schools, joining the other side is taking the easier route sir, you tell me what that tells your kids?
  12. But that's a doe??? Who hunts for doe?? Sick sick sick.. Thanks for confirming that you guys aren't mentally stable.. Wb bye is the hot topic this week for you guys.... BLESS YOUR HEARTS
  13. Not sure why you continue to be an internet bully? It’s not a good look man. MHS is at a better place in their program than WB is congrats.. you keep getting upset anytime someone says something negative towards your rebs and then it turns to “come find me and I’ll show you” Also what are you saying by you are leading a spineless dads meeting tonight? Does that mean your are the top spineless dad or what? Great game by rebs tonight. WB has a lot of work to do to back door the 4 seed but it’s a possibility..
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