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  1. I remember playing at Sale Creek in baseball back in the early 90’s. At the time I deemed that infield as having the most rocks than any other field in the TriState area. It was rough. They have come a long ways. Be proud of what you guys have now.
  2. I’m sure there’s one on the NFHS Network. SP/Sale Creek is I believe, but I wouldn’t call it the “best” game to watch.
  3. Nah my brother did. I was 90-93 football seasons
  4. Wow, I would have loved playing in that one! But yeah that’s a mess.
  5. I agree with your standings. That Gordy vs Clay game might be closer than most think. It should be game of the week for that region.
  6. Yes Huntley has been my most impressive defensively the past couple years. Also, the improvement and addition of 64 Riley Taylor I believe has helped tremendously. You add Gio in that mix and that becomes 3 really good DL’s. Starkey on the end has been a most improved IMO and Peacock on the other end has had some big games. Our defense might give up some yardage at times but they have me along nicely as the season has progressed. It really hurt missing those Covid games. If we keep moving in the direction we’ve been then we will be just fine by playoffs.
  7. How did an 8 man team beat an 11 man team?? Should I fall for this mess @Roy Dillard?
  8. For the past couple years SC has been this top10 team, a dark horse for the playoffs, yet we could have easily scored 100. I don’t expect this year to be any different.
  9. That’s not what I meant you know me OnB. Lol. But anyways just saying you and a few other knew how bad this coach was, but went along with it anyways.
  10. I believe we are all seeing what y’all seen when hiring was made. I do commend y’all for at least giving him the benefit of doubt though!
  11. Wow. They lost last night but I think he had another good game.
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