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  1. This is one of those situations where I hate to see GB lose such a great coach, but I’m happy at the same time. He had Grider’s number. Interesting fact is both our teams could still make it to the semis to face each other based on talent alone. Then you throw in two new head coaches. In all seriousness I could tell from playing GB that CGR was a GREAT coach. Do you think the hire will be made from within?
  2. What a name. Is a freshman from Chattanooga getting D1 offers the first in the area at such a young age? That’s huge!
  3. I don’t want anything to do with any kind of “...strate”. I’m not like you
  4. Dont worry about me RD. I got this.
  5. I’d like to pick your brain on a few subjects. Are you ever in town? Just ignore Diltard. We tried to get him to stop and he did a little, but not completely. I look forward to meeting you and even BPM later in the year.
  6. Sequatchie might be a little down this year from what a few of their fans are saying but it’s still always a slobber knocker type game. Then Chattanooga Christian usually has a decent team and are well coached. Two good matchups to open the season will tell us a lot.
  7. The good ole single wing! Great article. He obviously had a great relationship with the kids. They seemed to respond well to him.
  8. Roy is not Coach Stone.
  9. I seen where he was drafted by Tampa Bay
  10. Okay I thought you asked about Turner.
  11. Turner was forced out and he was hired as an assistant at 4A East Hamilton. I haven’t heard anything about Ward’s new gig yet.
  12. Regardless if a great year for SC it is usually a good game. Always tough especially 1st game of the year.
  13. Haha sometimes I feel that way
  14. Yep I think it’s a big set back. Tyrus Ward was a hot commodity in my opinion, and would have done great things at Tyner. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a former Tyner player apply for the job.
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