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  1. Based on film he was the difference maker in my opinion. He’s a tough kid.
  2. Wow I didn’t even think anything of it. Honestly I was thinking they were still in 3A for some reason. I guess I missed that. Thanks.
  3. I, myself, said a touchdown or two either way
  4. Oh I bet. You guys return a lot. You have pretty much your entire line back, and with decent size. You still got your OC, right? Unless the HC is just a bonehead, I think you will do better than you think.
  5. Bledsoe has the workhorse back in Cadillac. If he can find some lineman to run behind they will do okay. York has slowly gotten better so this game could go either way.
  6. Is that Boyd game at your place or Boyd?
  7. I’m trying to find out, but anyone on here know the time of the 1st scrimmage coming up with Warren Co/ East Hamilton?
  8. I can’t say I know what that feeling is like. I mean, I got it the 2 years we had an alum when Grider semi retired. It’s not a great feeling. Wish y’all the best.
  9. Yeah it’s been quiet on here. Hopefully things will ramp up soon! Good luck!
  10. Either way keep up with Gordy’s QB. He will do big things at Gordy. The kid is a natural and reminds me of Patrick Mahomes the way he moves side to side and in and out of the pocket, not to mention he has incredible accuracy on the run side arm. Maybe I’m hyping him too much but seeing him last year in the playoffs as a freshman he really impressed me.
  11. We had a couple play TE. 1 graduated. We do have a TE/WR returning that is being recruited. Our TE’s were mostly just blocking TE.
  12. RD I’m hoping that’s all he brings is his JV team. I hope he signs your book. If he doesn’t come to the Pitt, I’m sure he will still sign your book.
  13. Yep I can agree with that. I like the way you think. At the end of the day being the best in 6A is indeed what matters most.
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