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  1. Ah ok gotcha. Seems odd, but if Clemons 100% agrees with it then kudos to Gordy for plan execution.
  2. I remember how we were told constantly that the past 4 years were a disappointment for us, so I figured I’d dish it back out to them.
  3. I hope so because this past season was considered a disappointment.
  4. Was the leaving of Gordy’s Coach a surprise or expected? Will a new coach come in and change the offense? Gordy should be a front runner in the East for 2022.
  5. Double Pumper??? I pushed for it all last year. I believe we’d be back to back champions had he played in the championship game in 2020. Our QB we had was great at times, but just struggled more. I’m told it was mostly due to restrictions on who to throw to and where down the field by the HC in 2020. Yep yep yep. Plus I believe this 2021 team came together as a brotherhood due to all the adversity they were dealt. Definitely will go down as the best season in a very, very, VERY long time. We actually had a HC that took the situation in front of him and designed a play that worked. Actually had to coach, and he did just that. No choking in the big game.
  6. Yep it’s a shame they don’t get the attention until the State game. I understand the All-Star game. Kelly has the work ethic so I believe he would succeed as a pwo. However, I wish we had more go to one of the community colleges like Hutchinson’s or the one in Mississippi, then use those as a spring board to get a scholarship at an SEC school and still have 2-3 years of eligibility.
  7. I thought they were pretty relevant sports-wise, but mismanagement of money will get you quick. I hate to see a school shut down because of money.
  8. I had heard Victory applied for it too.
  9. Looks like Gordy is looking for a HC according to another thread. @Southtowner
  10. Congrats to the Ganaway brother.
  11. Who is this Jackson man y’all talking about? I’m not familiar with Oaklands coaches other than Creasy.
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