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  1. I don't know who they will get to be the next coach, but, the bigger problem at Oak Ridge is Mullins, and has been for some time. I really don't see that changing, which is a shame for the program. There are plenty of quality coaches who would love to come to Oak Risdge, lets hope they get the chance.
  2. Danny and David Spradlin are first cousins, I worked with David at one of the plants in Oak Ridge.
  3. I never stated it was a ploy, I know Joe wants to get back to this area (as I stated in an another post), but something must not have been to his liking to turn the Kingston job down. I'm a Joe fan and still wishes he was at Oak Ridge. I miss his energy and his style of coaching, he knew how to get the most out of his teams!
  4. Best wishes to Coach Brewster, I don't know or want to know the details of why Oneida chose to do what they did, but it just proves that when one door shuts God opens another one. And congrats to Coach McKamey at Grace for making a solid hire for Grace.
  5. No doubt, this may just have been an opportunity for Joe to get a little raise in pay from the school he is at now. Get another offer from another school then the home school has to counter to keep their coach. He wouldn't be the first or last coach to use this method to obtain a bump in pay. Ask Alcoa! LOL
  6. Don't be fooled by Joe's age, he is a fit 60 year old and an type A personality, he has a higher energy level than a lot of 40 year olds. If Kingston could have gotten 7-8 years of Joe, it would have been worth it.
  7. Congratulations to Garrett Miller and Jordan Romero for making ALL-STATE in football this year for Oliver Springs. Very deserving for both!
  8. If Kingston does indeed hire Gaddis, it would be a home run hire. Gaddis was the last coach to win the State at Oak Ridge, and would have won more had he stayed. He was the search committee's first choice at Oak Ridge after Lussier left. But was denied by the admin. powers in charge at the time. So they hired Stanton Stephens instead. I do know Joe has wanted to get back to this area for some time. My only concern for Kingston would be that this would be a stepping stone to another big school in the area eventually. Still, it would be a great hire for Kingston.
  9. Thanks! The team made a great run and have nothing to be ashamed of, it was a great year, they peaked right at playoff time, FC was just a better team. This class of seniors was special, kinda my last connection to the team and school. Yet, I'll always support the Bobcats and the coaching staff, no matter where their careers take them. Go Bobcats!
  10. I never said they we're village idiots, I just stated that just because someone watches alot of football, that doesn't make them an expert. In your case though, you are a self proclaimed expert in and on Roane County High School Football, in your OWN mind only. I'm sure the outcome of this game was to your true liking, you are really nothing more than a CoachT Troll! At any time you wish to discuss anything related to area high school football in person, just ask around, EVERYBODY knows who catback is, and I've posted my name on this site numerous times Just let me know.
  11. Couldn't agree more George, excellent post!
  12. [ You mean you don't think my name is really George, Mr. Catback? Have a good 'un. Only if you were in the movie, "It's A Wonderful Life"
  13. Deserve all what George? I only stated that based on the past history of high school football in Tennessee, once you get deep into the playoffs, private schools usually fair better against public schools in the lower classifications. Those are FACTS George, not an opinion. I'm sorry if you have taken offense to those facts. If your so self rightous about good kids being mistreated, then you need to read this entire thread, you would see that the OS kids and fans are getting the majority of crap and cheap shots from FC posters. Show me MY post that stated that FC kids were not good kids or that FC cheated. I never posted that the FC kids were not good kids, nor did I ever post that FC was cheating in any way. Did someone piss on your turkey today or what? It's also easy to take a shot at another poster on CoachT, while hiding behind a screen name!
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