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  1. Upperman Westview Nolensville Macon Co
  2. NG may have a motor...Greenfield has a corvette engine.
  3. GO SKYHAWKS! They have a great Nursing program as well!
  4. 2020 Henry County Patriots Schedule: Aug. 21 - Haywood Aug. 28 - Beech Sept 4 - @ Dyer Co Sept. 11 - @ Brentwood Sept. 18 - Clarksville Sept. 25 - @ Kenwood Oct. 2 - @ Germantown Oct. 9 - West Creek Oct. 23 - @ Clarksville NE Oct. 30 - Clarksville NW
  5. Henry Co is good enough to beat anybody, but isn't so good that they can overlook anybody. I do think HC is the favorite here in this matchup, but Dyer Co CANNOT be overlooked. Only goal for both teams is to Survive and Advance. I just hope it is the home folks. Good luck and safe travels to our Choctaw friends. By the way, Clarksville HS are city champs BUT Henry Co and Dyer Co are Montgomery County Champions.
  6. Survive and advance. Dyer Co will be a formidable opponent. Henry Co will be prepared, and must play solid football, and the rest will take care of itself. If they don't, then the season will end. If they play solid football and take care of things, they get another week. I see a 20-6 type sloppy game in the mud. HC can play in the mud, they are mudders, there momma was a mudder, and their dads were mudders. Bring on the mud!
  7. 24-13 Henry Co Survive and Advance, although I hope we whip little brother, because he thinks he can whip big brother. He isn't old enough yet...
  8. The Pats will have their hands full with Ridgeway Friday night, and I expect the Choctaws will also have all they want in Kirby. If we are lucky enough to meet the Choctaws in the quarterfinals, we will do our best to treat ya'll like we do the Clarksville teams when they wanna "whip Big Brother" in the playoffs.
  9. I will take a WIN, by 1 point or 28. A win is a win. Athletes making plays is a nemesis for HC, while I have not seen Ridgeway, I HAVE NO DOUBT that they will have kids that can make 80 yard plays. I am going with 31-21 HC, but 28-27 is fine too... Survive and advance...
  10. No other year matters other than 2019. This group will continue to get better and will be a tough out for any team to play in the playoffs. PatriotNation has to be a kid. He is not the norm as most of the Henry Co posters are full of Red Pride and respectful to all. Kenwood is improved from the last few years, but I think Henry Co wins a 35-7 type game. Good luck to all and hope for an injury free game, with 50 years worth of alumni present!
  11. I was so hoping that Henry Co fans would be able to send Christmas Cards to the head Ref after he only penalized the 5 yards on the "roughing the kicker", we got the best of that call, but it still didnt work out for us in the end. Hats off to Knox Central. Officiating didnt neat HC, it was a great defensive battle between 2 really good teams.
  12. Argument starts and ends with Shelbyville Insell years.
  13. Congrats. You have now passed Kindergarten. Did yall win the K-1 State title too?
  14. I am a west TN fan. Again, I said the next 2 years Macon Co will OWN Upperman. Do they teach Math in Baxter? 5th and 6th grade means nothing for 4-5 years.... Furthermore, had Westview not lost their 2 best players last week to injuries. I know they beat Macon Co by 10-15 points in semi finals. I also believe they would have wore Upperman down in a slow game and won somewhere in the low 40s. BUT it didn't happen, so congrats to Upperman for winning back to back state titles. There will not be a 3 peat though.
  15. Macon Co will OWN Upperman the next 2 years...
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