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  1. They have a couple of Cosby boys up there who opted to play on the plastic grass who would really help us out down here. They are great kids and good ball players...GP is lucky to have em!
  2. GP is pretty good this year from what little I've seen. May have the best 2A/3A lineman in East TN, to go with a well coached ball club and loads of athletes with a winning tradition.
  3. 2 ......TWOOOOOOOO big dog! lol;
  4. How was N.Greenes numbers? Were they any better than last year? We scrimmage them Friday, was wondering what to expect.
  5. Yea , I understand that. That still has to draw more residents to that area for jobs and what not. Still tell me how Alcoa and Gatlinburg fit in the same classification as Cosby. There HAS to be twice the highschool age kids in both of those communities than here.
  6. You think thats bad ,we (Cosby) have about 350 students and are currently playing 2A in Football. At one time we were in the same region with Gatlinburg, and Alcoa had the numbers to be in a 2A region with or near us , fortunately Alcoa had the sense to voluntarily play up to 3A. Now when I look out my window in Cosby I see trees , Hay fields and cows. We have a few gas stations 3 or 4 mom n pop resturaunts ,an apple orchard and a Dollar General. Gatlinburg is well Gatlinburg...tourist capital of the state and $$$$$$$$$ coming out of their ears. Alcoa has an AIRPORT!! a big one! AIIIIRRRRRRPORT! Now tell me how that works?
  7. Hancock aint bad now, I've definitely seen much worse. We played Cloudland back in 06 in a mud pit. We washed the jerseys with a pressure washer in the parking lot before we could put em in the washer! Referees were running out of their shoes it was rough! I loved playing up there though! if it wasnt so far away we would still play them some.
  8. lol..I remember the visitor sideline at TKA felt like a basketball sideline in a tiny middle school gym. You would look up and see players and fans sitting on the same row
  9. They're AAA now but were AA when we played em but Gatlinburg has the nicest facilities weve ever been to in TN. Top 3 current 1-2A we have been to Happy Valley has a beautiful field , stadium , and atmosphere but you dress in a small weight room. Sullivan North is nice, locker room is a mile away but its nice , field is nice and stadium is HUUUUGE! you can tell it was once a much larger school. Greenback has the best 1A natural grass surface ive ever seen, Been a while since we have been there may be different now. It's in NC but we used to play Cherokee NC and its by far the overall nicest facilities we have ever been to for a small school. Cant hide that casino money i guess but its A+ Awesome! I dont really want to list "Worst" because those places are usually were you have a coach and a couple parents working the hardest to keep up what they have. Some of my favorite places to go dont have great facilities , but has awesome people , good kids , and a cool atmosphere.
  10. Is this a 2019 season topic or just an overall tradition topic? Greenback has been better than SP lately but overall SP is the traditional 1A program to beat in East TN. 2A traditionally you would remove SG and insert Hampton, but last year and possibly one more season SG will be better. In recent memory combining 1 and 2A together i would rank them traditionally like so 1. SP 2. Greenback 3. Oneida 4. Coalfield 5. Hampton/Rockwood/Meigs as they have only recently been dominant JMO and of course recently Happy Valley dropping to 2A has made them a contender and while Gatlinburg and Austin East were 2A they would have to rank high in East TN. as well. East TN. 1A has run through SP, Greenback , or Coalfield for as long as i can remember. When Hampton and Oneida were 1A they were in that group as well.
  11. I think all of yall need to spend more time and effort on Baseball and Basketball! No point in over doing it on Football, you will burn them boys out. Take a break start football the first week of August...lol I have literally heard that from parents "Football starts in August..I dont see why they have to be here all summer!".... SMH
  12. I don't really care either, I'm just saying MOST people who claim to move schools for education purposes who play sports are USUALLY moving for sports reasons. I don't have a problem with improving your childs situation but not having transfer rules is not the answer. It would be chaos. In my area if it was free transfer a kid would go play football at Maryville transfer to Bearden to play basketball then move to Pigeon Forge and play baseball all in one school year.
  13. Why didn't he send his kid to Zion Christian then? They are in the same county close to Giles , they have a higher overall school grade and send a higher percentage of their students to college...they aren't very good at basketball though.
  14. Hey ding dong I'm on your side! However, if I was going to argue education I would try to communicate a little more clearly. I'm not 100% sure what you even said.
  15. Test scores comparing public and private is a garbage statistic! Public schools test EVERYONE! Public tests SPED , low income , single parent , kids who have ZERO support at home , kids who have ZERO aspirations for further education , and kids who didn't eat or sleep the night before. How many of those kids do private schools test? Take the top 10 % of students in both public and private and you wont know the difference in test scores. Thats the same thing that irks me when they say New Guinea or some third world country has higher science scores than the USA. We educate and test everyone, the rest of the world tests their best and brightest only! What was wrong with my attitude? I didnt say i would send my kid there or that I approved. You said academics was the reason kids transferred , I said that was not 100% true. You even agreed with me??
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