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  1. Agreed! I looked online and Starke didn’t make an error in the match. She was everywhere. When AC got going with the long service run and then 15 took over momentum shifted big time. Starke dug, passed, serve received EVERYTHING in the 4th to slow AC down enough for us to get grounded again. One of the best performances I’ve watched! Well earned! AC could be back in the finals next year, several quality teams moved up. Finally, I am not a Wood fan but the HOME team got what they deserved with the talk. I was surprised Brentwood didn’t win bigger. It was a spanking!
  2. That’s not what I saw. I sat behind the benches and I never heard either coach saying anything directly at the other teams. I think Starck played lights out and deserved the MVP. I saw players from both teams calling out where they think the set or the serve will go which seems to be a club thing. I think the AC coaches were trying to get their team fired up, but I didn’t hear or see anything negative. Also, I did see the AC team stand and applaud when N received the trophy and I saw the AC coaches seek out our coach and MVP and hug and congratulate which I thought was nice. We played a great tournament and I got tight when AC took game three, but Starck was every where. I think the talking thru the net is 100% a club thing and I heard no profanity and saw a lot of the girls on both sides laughing. I suspect that several of them know each other thru club. I thought it was the most competitive match of the day. I stayed thru the Brentwood beat down which was rough.
  3. Starck was clearly the MVP. When AC took control of the match Starck’s defensive play saved the day. AC had the momentum and it seemed liked Starck was every where. I dont recall her making an error!
  4. Nope, just like this team and am stunned people try and diminish her. Accomplishments and say they could win without her which is a joke.
  5. Is there any clearer choice for Tournament MVP than Fulton from Nolansville? In the other classifications there could be arguments, but in Class AA Fulton has followed her dominant Region performance with an impressive start to the state. She is playing the best of any player I’ve seen, an no player is more Valuable to their team.
  6. Just from what I’ve watched this week Greenville should beat East Hamilton in 3. Greenville and CrockeTT should be a good match. Both teams play solid defense, serve well and don’t make a lot of errors. They aren’t as offensively strong as N, MC or AC but both are capable of making a move. I expect Fulton to have a monster day tomorrow and sweep AC in 3, and it would not surprise me to see the winner of G and C play AC to see who gets to get smacked down by Fulton and crew on Friday!
  7. I am a former ref who likes to middle Tennessee VB. I really started liking N after they beat Portland where I was in fact a crazy uncle of one of the girls! I like AA ball better than AAA because it is more competitive, watching Brentwood win gets old. I have nothing but respect for N, and my auto correct got me! There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a star player which Fulton is. Also, N is bigger than most AAA schools and double the size of some of the other teams and should win. Without Fulton, or if she has a bad game, I think MC, G and AC could upset them. They have had an easy go in that their bracket was WEAK! AC in particular looks pretty strong and I don’t think they are afraid of N. Watching them against MC today, they looked strong after game 1, and if Fulton doesn’t take over they could get beat, but I think if her teammates do their job and get her the ball they win in 3.
  8. The mom or dad who thinks that N would win a state Championship without Fulton is showing a little of the jealousy bug. She is a special player, and without her, or even if she has a bad game, they are not champions. Why can’t you simply admit she is great and makes everyone around her better. Her teammates get a ring too. But don’t disrespect her.
  9. I wouldn’t say Nolansville has a name. I doubt CrockeTT county had heard of Nolansville before today. They BARELY got to double digits. A couple of thoughts, the teams on the other side of the bracket were stronger. If we ranked then it would be Nolansville AC Murfreesboro Greenville as the top 4. watching AC Murfreesboro and Nolansville back to back Fulton is in a different league but AC is a tougher team than I thought. I really thought MC would sweep them after they took game 1 but AC was mentally tougher and made in game changes that took MC’s best player out of the game and they exploited MC at the net. N has weaker setting and if they can’t get the ball to Fulton they could be beat. I didn’t realize how well AC could play. If Fulton has an average game, or doesn’t get enough sets they could get beat. It will come down to Fulton, without her they don’t beat AC or MC
  10. Fulton looks focused in warmups. This kid is big time!
  11. Fulton will have more points and kills then the entire CrockeTT team put together!
  12. AC doesn’t match up well with MC. I think MC and N meet in the semis. Fulton owns MC. MC will then come out of the loser bracket and play N again in the finals. If Fulton gets the sets, MC can’t score 15. N wins and doesn’t lose a set and Fulton carries N to a title. Fulton is special, if her supporting class she gets another ring.
  13. Not trying to “divide” anything. I agree with all of you they won’t, and shouldn’t, drop a set. They are a huge school playing much smaller schools and Fulton is a big time player. Role players are just as important as stars. Fulton would not be the player she is without a setter to get her the ball or a defensive player to make a pass. No one who follows VB would say anything negative about her, she is the real deal. It is silly to say this team would be just as good without her? With Fulton they won’t have anyone score 20 against them, without her they are a good team but not a great team. Again, this has to be a mom or dad because coaches and players know their roles and the pecking order. Look at how many sets she gets and what she does with them. They could give her the State tournament MVP right now? LeBron had to have a solid supporting cast, and guess what she will get them another state championship ring. Without they should still win but it won’t be the cake walk that this going to be. Crocket is so small that they don’t even block. Fulton could beat them by herself? Crocket won’t score double digits tomorrow. Then Murfreesboro Central will get another spanking by Fulton on Thursday and probably again on Friday in that they are the second best team in the tourney and they have no one to stop Fulton.
  14. Obviously there are some mom and dads on here. Fulton is the key to Nolansville repeating. She is heads and shoulders their best player. If she doesn’t get the ball they are beatable. Jenkins is ok, but not in the same league as Fulton. The coach knows this and when they need a kill it goes to Fulton. If the serve receive is not on and it disappears at times or the setter doesn’t get Fulton the ball enough they become beatable. Their side of the bracket is weak even if they rest Fulton, they will Cruise to the semi finals. My worry is if Fulton is not on, and they get stuck in a couple of rotations where FULTON is not on the front row, they don’t have anyone who can put the ball down. Still, I think Fulton is strong enough to overcome weak games by her supporting cast and this is an easy repeat for Nolansville.
  15. Nolansville won’t drop a set unless their setter and defense let Fulton down. She is the best player in the state AA. It is her team and she knows how to win. East Hamilton and Anderson County have size and athleticism but if the setter will keep getting the ball to Fulton, Nolansville won’t drop a set. If the defense and other players don’t get her the ball it could be a different story. She carries the team, if she is off or if they don’t get her the ball Nolansville is beatable. Fulton is a GREAT player but she can’t set herself or do it all, her teammates are going to have to step up and contribute.
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