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  1. carthage used to keep a bakers dozen. minimum.
  2. to be fair, I do understand your point and I also do not care. that being said, I love your posts. legit lol
  3. how much juice are you having to throw his way? lol
  4. better lay off the preview game. murphy will come and rough him up.
  5. have the stones to own what you say. everyone says stupid things at some point. don’t be a coward to boot.
  6. roy I saw that Satterfield manboy today and I thought he looked like magnum pi with that mustache. all the best coaches have mustaches. that ditka man has a mustache and that cowwer man has a mustache that wandstat man has a mustache and that Reid man has a mustache and that fisher man has a mustache and when that urban meyer snake oil salesman used to have a mustache too. if that grider man doesn’t have a mustache by spring practice you boys need to axe yalls selves if he really even cares. It is a known fact that hartsville’s last 2 coaches did not have mustaches. What does that tell you?! I’m growing my mustache right now I garuntee.
  7. giving lectures to trousdale regarding “class” and then making jokes about disadvantaged kids... do yourself a favor and walk away for a bit.
  8. everything you are setting out to do here, is failing. drowning again. come back and try again tomorrow
  9. watertown feels sorry for us. that’s hysterical. +1
  10. list had to be presented to school board. tifwiw we’ve moved on. when will watertown be releasing hackett?
  11. smith county gets the blackout treatment.
  12. wrong. Tennessee state law. job openings have to be posted. even at non state jobs.
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