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  1. He boke is fibula and his tibula going to have surgery
  2. How good will they be this year? do they have alot coming back?
  3. I can not understand why everyone is cry about where that District is held next year Wartburg will be down and I do not see them winning the District Wartburg is the best and central location for these games now stop crying practice harder.
  4. If schools want to practice their for the district Tournament stop the first round games being played at highter seed that way they have 1 extra game in the gym.
  5. Great game Coalfield wins but in this kind of game you hate to see either team end their season on.
  6. Coalfield scored several times looked good need to work on passsing game only part of their game that looked bad.
  7. Congrats to Wartburg on your Regional Championship
  8. WECO will have Wartburg and Rockwood game I heard. Bad call on WECO part
  9. First round upset Sunbright over Coalfield
  10. What time does the games start on TV Saturday?
  11. Morre CO. girls played liked they wanted it more than any other school in Class A yesterday they got on the floor after losse balls played help side D better than anyone else yesterday I see them playing against JC in the Championship game. Could not see how good JC was they played down to Coalfield level of play not as good as JC can play talked to one of the players parent and they said they just played well enough to win.
  12. The first game Wednesday is at 10am is that Central time?
  13. Everyone dont forget that the Jordan kid at Coalfield is just a JR. she will take her team a long way next year also.
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