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  1. Dude, you obviously haven't seen the effects of a real football game with a good band. Band DOES make a difference and sorry, but you're a moron for calling whoever that other person was a "band nerd" and for thinking that it doesn't make a difference. I could have quite a few football players tell you the complete opposite of what you think about band's influence. Please, if you're gonna trash talk band, get off the band part of the forums or just talk to me sometime-we could have a nice talk i'm sure. /biggrin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" /> Anyways, I think the band can make a HUGE difference in football games. GO BAND!!
  2. okay guys, heres something I haven't seen much of in this entire topic. Let's go for a injury free game (but really, the way these guys are going to play, does anyone really see that happening??) And I'm gonna go out on a limb here and go Cloudland for the win, but it's gonna be a REALLY close game-possibly even a point or two for the win. I'm expecting EVERYTHING from BOTH teams & I want to see a REAL football game even better than the one I saw last Thursday at Orr Field. Both teams need to bring all they've got and everthing they could possibly acquire to this one game. This is THE rivalry game & it's going to be PACKED. I want to see a true fight for the Conference Title. Come on guys(Legend) trash talking is like...Jr. High- I think it's gonna be a great game, but lets see what happens in the game and we'll find a real team & a real winner. GO LANDERS!
  3. What band is the one that you hear all about & is just so much fun to watch?? basically, who do YOU think has the most entertaining band??
  4. ok, so im startin to get tired of hearin bout how all the bigger bands are the best & i would like to know....Why doesn't anyone put the bands into sizes (whos best by size) rather than best bands by region. just a thought
  5. Our bands show this year is - well i guess mountain music - hee haw music, comin round the mountain, and things like that
  6. I would love to see more Classic Rock Shows - I saw alot of them last year at competitions - but they all usually played FreeBird, Sweet Home Alabama, and maybe once in a while Back in Black. I would love to see more Rock type shows with more of a variety of songs - not just the regulars. Also, would be awesome to see some more swing type shows too. that would be fun to watch or play.
  7. Well, for our first & second competitions we usually go to the same places so we'll probably go to those again which are - David Crockett & Greeneville. For the last one I'm not sure yet, but last year it was McChesney.
  8. my band has gone to the Greeneville Band Competition for the past two years, and I saw the band play there & I loved them!! They are great - love the drumline. Probably one of my favorite bands
  9. Oh, thank you so very much, i see you know so much about me. In my own opinion, DB is not necessarily one of the best bands in Tennessee, they just so happen to be one of the biggest bands. There are TONS of smaller bands that are probably much better than DB, (no offense) they just don't get as much recognition as the big bands. If you pay attention, you may notice that the bigger bands tend to mess up more, marching & playing, it's just harder to notice with so many people playing, whereas, the smaller bands don't have much room for error, having so few people. GO SMALLER BANDS!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!
  10. So... We've started marching again over the past week, & that means MARCHING SAESON IS BACK!!!!! What do you think will happen this year.... best bands, competitions, and everything else
  11. Well, i'm not just saying this because it's my school, but i thought that the Cloudland Highlander Marching Band for 2005 was great! At the Greenville Band Classic they had best Drum Major in their division, Best Drumline in their division, and Best Band in their division. For a band with about 19 people, that is REALLY good. In addition to all that, the Drum Major had the SECOND highest score of the DAY!! He was only beaten by the drum major from Dobyns Bennett {even beat Science Hill!!}
  12. Ok, so here's one of the big questions, who has the best band??? Big bands, small bands, concert, marching, jazz, basketball, and everything else. Who is your pick for best band?
  13. As a member of the band, I have to say thank you VERY much. Not alot of people got to see our show this year, and this was a very good year for us.
  14. I'm a percussionist, and i like Drum and Bugle corps, but i prefer Marching band. I think it's alot more fun.
  15. Thank you so much to Coach T for this new forum!!! Anyways, i definitely prefer marching season. It's more fun, you get to go play at football games, go to competitions, and its just way more fun. Concert season, is kinda boring-no marching no games, and you just sit there and play.
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