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  1. dang those are pretty crazy predictions. but at least ur posting some! by the way, how does SC get 4th with no one in the top 16....seems pretty unlikely.
  2. like last year when ND and FRA had to play each other first round. Those two teams and CAK were all on one side of the bracket. thats just nonsense
  3. middle guys, what time is metro tomorrow. its usually at like 3 but i heard its moved back to 5 this year. any help?
  4. its unfortunate this district is matched up with district 9 in region 5. sure makes it hard to get past regionals
  5. everything looks about right...except for john castor thats a new face
  6. hahahaah that was so awesome. what a classic joke.
  7. fra will be fine, they just had to get through a tough game without all their players. bhs is very very good and would have won the game anyways i do believe.
  8. when do we find out the matchups for a/aa state regarding which regions play which in the quarters?
  9. all i have to say is WOW to MLK. u are stacked. after this im going to have to say 1.MLK 2.USJC 3.DL/FRA 4.DL/FRA 5.MC that was so nice of johnson city to show up
  10. nick pellot-anneken from Father Ryan. you'll see him, he'll be winning the silver race.
  11. mahaney is a great runner, but annaken is better
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