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  1. So to answer rlh there were 8 or 9 girls games this included hosting district, region, and substate, The boys are just ramping up the team so I think they played 2 - 3 home games. I have heard "wear and tear" as a reason, however the practice field, which I believe is the same grass seems to not have an issue with wear, and it has 3-4 practices per week, plus the soccer games. So I think the actual field could handle 6 football games and soccer. Fiberoptic.. I don't know if there is space for a soccer field, without purchasing land. As for the title 9 question, maybe a field is required and the football field use was an interim accommodation, I don't know. But I think there is space within the fence, when you consider sideline area, to accommodate the soccer size. And with that, I have nothing else to add to this conversation. I look forward to supporting the football team with whoever the new coach is, just like I have for the past 19 years. When an announcement is made, I look forward to a discussion regarding the selection.
  2. I think some money has been raised toward a soccer field. But if you know anything about the condition of some of the Polk County schools, it doesn't really make sense for the balance of any money needed to be put toward a new sports facility when there is a perfectly acceptable option already in place that meets the title 9 requirements. And there is no reason to not use the football field, it hurts no one! Well, almost no one.
  3. "want everything for nothing"... ? I think the soccer parents probably pay taxes that support that high school and it's facilities, just like the football parents. derrick davis doesn't own that field. And why wouldn't you want each student athlete to have the best available, whether its equipment, facilities, etc. Why?
  4. As the OC, Brewer has had a front row seat to this so called "dumpster fire" of central office meddling, corruption, favoritism, etc... Would he want the job?
  5. That's funny! I do know that Culpepper man, I'm sure he would appreciate being mentioned on here.
  6. I like your quote.. “Losers assemble in small groups and complain about others”, I think that fits Davis and his little group of cronies very accurately. I also find yours and a few others attitudes interesting. Why do you feel the need to degrade the soccer team at every opportunity? Why would you find pleasure in other teenage student athletes lack of success or lack of attendance? The football team is 13-39 in the past 5 years, I'm not bashing them! I bought my ticket for every one of those 52 games, and cheered for those young men. I am bashing the former head coaches character, or lack of. Thank you for pointing out that I don't get it, because I don't, and I'm proud that I don't get the fact that a man is so busy preparing for a high school football game, that he can't spend 90 minutes, at least once, to support his own child. But we all know it wasn't because he was so, so busy! It's because he is a petty little man. Everyone knows he was against the soccer teams using the football field. It is quite a coincidence that he quit less than 3 months after that decision was made and that the reason mentioned on here and other media was the administration "meddling". So, give us some examples of that meddling... or just own it! He didn't want soccer on the football field, the school board said there would be, and he quit, just like he threatened to do back when the discussion started 2 or 3 years ago, And blaster, you mention hurt feelings, I mean, come on man.. your hero is the one that is taking his ball and going home because he didn't get his way! I haven't said anything on here that I wouldn't say to his face, or... that I haven't already said to his face.
  7. You are correct, following my posts will not be of any interest to you, because I deal in reality. I guess he got "past the issue with the soccer team" after the season, since he never attended a game. Not district championship, not region championship, not sub state game, not at state semi finals. ..and for those folks that aren't aware, his daughter plays on the soccer team. that's a pretty sorry man in my book
  8. Cleveland has a HC position open. Does anyone know where their soccer teams play their home games?
  9. Charlie's 2 cents, for comparison, after seeing both Meigs and Westmoreland at Polk, I saw two fairly even teams. I would say Meigs is a TD better, than Westmoreland. So draw your own conclusion.
  10. 10 is Levin,.... Levin Harz, I believe he will be back.
  11. Good luck to Westmoreland, that's a good ball team. #44 is probably the best RB I saw this season. And utilized very well by the coaches. It was a good season for Polk, these seniors should be proud, they helped get Polk back to a competitive level. The team played hard last night. The play calling was predictable, as is every Polk game. Now I'm not a football coach, so I am as qualified as most of DD's assistants, but maybe atleast try to develop a passing game! The crowd was embarrassingly small. For the first home playoff game in 5 years?, it was sad. Maybe the cold weather kept some away, or the 8$ ticket, who knows, but it was probably one of the smaller crowds I've seen at the LG Davis Sports Complex in the past few weeks. Good luck to all round two teams and for the rest, good luck in round ball.
  12. I take no credit for that! I'm just a PCHS sports supporter. I hope these boys can make a good showing next Friday in round one. And maybe the fans can have a better showing too, Jasper had as many fans as we did. It was a little embarrassing. That was with the folks that came for the recognition of seniors and the other successful Fall sports teams. Maybe the football fans will turn it up a notch with a home playoff game. Maybe catch the fever!
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